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Sony is pioneering new digital imaging technologies that redefine what a camera can do. Their Translucent Mirror Technology, employed in Sony Alpha DSLRs, provides the speed and precision of phase-detection AF but with a fixed, semi-transparent mirror, for ultra-fast frame rates, uninterrupted auto focus, and no viewfinder blackout during exposure. Sony is also leading the mirrorless revolution with their NEX series of cameras, which feature large APS-C sensors and pro performance in a very compact, lightweight body. Both the Alpha and NEX systems offer a broad range of top-quality optics and unique accessories to help you achieve stunning still images and captivating HD video.

Sony SLT-A99V

Sony SLT-A77

New Sony SLT-A99V

The world's first full-frame translucent mirror camera is a professional tool with a robust mix of high-end features, a 24-megapixel sensor and powerful, pro-level HD video capabilities

The SLT-A99V is Sony's first full-frame TMT (Translucent Mirror Technology) camera.
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