6th Annual Emerging Pro

First Place—Fashion & Beauty
Matthew Heckerling
Matthew Heckerling

My photo "All Dressed Up" was shot in a house in the Hollywood Hills while prepping for a music video. In addition to still photography, I also work as a Director of Photography for commercials, music videos and feature films. On our prep day, while all of my departments were lighting the various sets at the location and wardrobe was outfitting talent, I took the opportunity to set up this still shoot. Our stylist dressed Hannah Landberg, the model/actress in the video, in a gorgeous dress that complemented this set beautifully, so I decided to grab some stills.

As this was a live-action shoot, I used all tungsten hot lights. I lit the scene very simply with a 2K Baby Junior with a Medium Chimera. I used three four-foot Kino tubes laid against the walls and two 300W Peppers highlighting the texture of the foreground chairs to accent the scene. The shot was taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Unfortunately, the video was never completed. There was an incident with the producer chasing the director with a pepper mill—but, hey, that's rock 'n' roll! At least I got this shot!


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