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Priolite Unveils Hot Sync Solution For Medium Format Cameras

The PRIO REMOTE HS is a hot sync flash designed for Pentax 645Z and 645D medium format cameras.

Canon Announces EOS 5D Mark IV Camera

Canon's longest running camera models gets an update with the 5D Mark IV.

Paul C Buff Introduces AlienBees DIGIBEES Flash Units

The new Digibees flash units come in two versions a 160ws and 320ws one.

Light & Motion Announces New Stella Pro 10000c Handheld LED Light

Light & Motion offers a HMI Replacement that fits into the palm of your hand.

Nikon Introduces New Entry-Level D3400

The newest Nikon camera is also being released with four new lenses

VSCO Opens Free Studio

The free studio space is open for two-hour sessions

Supporting Pro Photographers At The Rio Olympic Games

Canon’s Support Center at the Rio Olympic Games aims to help photographers with malfunctioning equipment

Serif Releases Update Notes For Affinity Photo Before Fall Release

The updated Affinity Photo adds a number of new updates and preps for the upcoming Windows version.

G-Technology Announces Updated Hardrives

G-DRIVE®, G-RAID® and G-SPEED® Families Receive Capacity and Performance Bumps


Defending Your Copyright Could Cost You

How recent rulings in DMCA takedown cases could jeopardize your rights and result in big penalties

Dan Rubin: The New Face Of Social Media

Or how to get 750,000 followers and establish yourself as the poster child for Instagram without really trying

Gear and Reviews


Bright, Soft And Portable

LED lighting matures, giving a whole new set of possibilities
Hasselblad H6D

(Re)Dawning Of The Age Of Medium Format

The photographer’s secret weapon in the era of film is seeing a resurgence today.
Studio In The Wild

Studio In The Wild

Battery powered lights have really come into their own. Here’s a rundown of great location lights that work even when you’re far afield.

Display Your Photos With Alternative Print Media

Get away from paper. Try printing images on wood, acrylic and metal for new ways to present your photography.

Print Story

The Print Is Part Of The Story

Amy Toensing on connecting with people and cultures through her photography, and the personal value of printmaking
Behind The Technology Pt. 2

Behind The Technology Pt. 2

USB-C is about to change the way you connect all of your devices, but are you ready?


Stepping Up To Medium Format

A bigger platform opens up a world of possibilities

The Future of Wireless Flash

Improvements in wireless flash give photographers an astounding amount of creative freedom

Strobe And Sun

How to bring studio-style lighting to the outdoors

Going Retro: Antiquing In The Digital Darkroom

Take your portraiture down Memory Lane with some easy and versatile after-capture techniques

Black & White Conversion

For the most control, try specialized plug-ins like Nik Silver Efex Pro 2

New Beginnings

Sometimes you need Adobe Photoshop, and sometimes you don’t