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The Irish National Flag Project
Photo By Alan Hickey


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Photographer: Alan Hickey

Photo Details

  • Title: The Irish National Flag Project
  • State/Province/Region: Minnesota
  • Country: United States
  • Description: The goal of this multi-year project was to create a set of images that are powerful in their own right, but additionally they flow such that when combined they created the Irish Tricolour. Green: Taken in the People's Park in Limerick City, on the west coast of Ireland, this image portrays a young boy playing soccer, while wearing the Irish national soccer jersey. White: Taken on the Mississippi River near its confluence with the Chippewa River at Wabasha, MN. This image was taken on a cold winter's evening in 2012, while the bald eagle was scouting for supper. Gold: This image is of an early morning sun beam. Appropriately enough, this image was taken in Golden Valley, MN, where… "The most plausible account of the naming of this Village holds that the name came from Irish immigrants who settled in the area. Wishing to retain some reminder of Ireland, they named the Village 'Golden Valley' after the Golden Vale of Shannon, a portion of the Shannon River Valley in western Ireland."

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