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Tearful Eyes
Photo By Istvan Kerekes

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Photographer: Istvan Kerekes

Photo Details

  • Title: Tearful Eyes
  • State/Province/Region:
  • Country: Hungary
  • Description: This little boy lives in a dark, ruined house in Copsa Mica town, Romania. The very poor and poverty stricken family has a home which has no doors and no windows. Copsa Mica has a dark background. It was one of Europe’s most polluted towns in the 1990 ‘s and remains the most polluted town in Romania to this day. During the socialist regime the facts about pollution in Copsa Mica were kept secret. After the fall of the Communist regime in Romania (1989 December) in the early nineties, industry in Copsa Mica was in crisis, and the soot factory was closed in 1993. At that time some of the workers left the town, the blocks of flats were abandoned. In 1998 a company bought the Copsa Mica smelting works and the metal factory. Today the pollution it is more less like before 1989, but it is present ...

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