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Pounding The Pavement
Photo By Karen Andrews

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Photographer: Karen Andrews

Photo Details

  • Title: Pounding The Pavement
  • State/Province/Region: Alberta
  • Country: Canada
  • Description: This image was taken on a cold winter afternoon in Calgary, Alberta. I was first attracted to the scene by its contrasts and juxtapositions: light vs. dark, smooth vs. rough, footprints going in one direction vs. a walker going in another. Adding to the interest is the ambiguity of the silhouetted figure with a large shadow: is it a policeman on the beat, a newspaperman seeking a story, a bull rider down on his luck, or something else entirely? Using a large aperture (f4.5) allowed me to have the steel footprints in focus while softening the rest of the scene. Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-105mm zoom @ 40 mm

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