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Monday, September 1, 2008

Hi-Tech Studio: The Greenroom

Creating your own space within your studio benefits clients and art directors and provides a gallery to display your best work


LEFT: Canon REALiS WUX10. RIGHT: Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 4.
When setting up a workstation in the space, a central hub should include an advanced computer with Photoshop, multiple external hard drives or a RAID, and the ability to connect wirelessly to the studio’s network. This workstation will allow anyone in the room—whether color-correcting or editing photos, or staying in communication with a client—to have a pathway to your system and an Internet connection to send files when they’re completed.

Apple’s AirPort Extreme has many functions that aid in creating an easy network, but for the greenroom, the Extreme lets you share an external hard drive wirelessly. By simply connecting your drive via USB, this 802.11n device enables you to transfer images to any computer in your network. The AirPort Extreme works with either Mac or PC, and allows you to wirelessly print images to a printer in your network and serves as a way to keep multiple computers synced.

The workstation should include a high-end inkjet printer like the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 so that art directors and editors can print images from the shoot. The Stylus Pro 3800 has a maximum printer width of 17 inches and uses Epson UltraChrome K3 inks that are known for their color and black-and-white gamut reproductions. With a computer, an Internet connection and a pro printer, any client can have everything at his or her fingertips.

Sound With Vision
Completing a multimedia experience involves sound, vision and efficiency to create a space with more than one purpose. The studio retreat should be a room that offers every sort of media you can think of, and in the world of digital imaging, that means visually and stereophonically.

For instance, if you’re running a slideshow for a client for whom you just did a job, what better way to get them enthusiastic about your work than by adding music into the mix. A high-end audio system allows clients to keep up with the tempo of your shoot, especially if you use music as a means to make your subjects comfortable or to put your clients at ease.

Bang & Olufsen has a variety of quality audio and multimedia systems. The BeoSound 4 is a powerful sound system that has a CD deck, FM radio and an SD card expansion slot that allows you to move digital music from your computer to the BeoSound 4. It has a sleek, futuristic design, and with the BeoPort box, it’s easy to connect your computer to your audio and transfer music and even play Internet radio over your BeoSound 4.

With sound, vision and elegance, the high-tech retreat you create will serve a variety of purposes—it’s something that every pro with a studio should have.

Apple (800) MY-APPLEwww.apple.com
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