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Friday, December 20, 2013

Make Use Of Instagram

The service is frequently scoffed at by professional photographers, but it can be a boon for your business

6 Instagram Pro Tips
1 Consistent User Name. Make sure your user name is consistent with that of your other social-media accounts. This will make it easier for people to recognize you as they join Instagram.
2 Use Hashtags. Employ both generic hashtags as you might with keywords, but also take advantage of unique self-branded terms that make it easy for people to see a set of images, especially if they're added over extended lengths of time.
3 Utilize Geolocation. This is a fast way to introduce your work to others who enjoy similar subjects or events.
4 Engage With Fans. Don't just reply to comments on your photos, but engage with your fans and followers to build rapport.
5 Web And Press Mentions. Always link to or mention your Instagram account on your website and in press announcements to facilitate faster growth in followers.
6 Profile Information. Always include your website URL in your Instagram profile to point people to the rest of your work and your business information.
We can surmise how these photographers are benefiting from increased exposure, but there's no guarantee large followings translate to sales in any consistent fashion. In fact, the larger benefits may include general brand awareness, fan engagement, feedback and creative inspiration. Says David Sanger, regarding his large following, "It certainly helps and doesn't hurt. Instagram acts as a portfolio for me, opening doors to contacts I might not have otherwise had."

Pro photographers vary in their approach when it comes to sharing their work, and looking closely at how they use Instagram, there are a lot of lessons to be learned. Instagram itself is seldom used as the capture device, with most photos being taken by native camera applications. The pressure to post often is managed by infusing new work with past work that's sourced from either mobile devices or DSLRs. Not all images shared are intended for publication and include conceptual/draft images to create variation and solicit feedback. Increasingly common is the tactic of sharing behind-the-scenes footage to energize fans and followers. Behind-the-scenes footage also acts as a great way to create a travel log or even a workflow lesson.

No matter what your photographic focus or which strategies you adopt, one universal best practice should always rule the day, and that's to always post your best and have fun.

Jim Goldstein is a professional outdoor and travel photographer, as well as the VP of Marketing at BorrowLenses.com. Follow him on his blog, www.jmg-galleries.com/blog, Twitter (@jimgoldstein), Facebook (www.facebook.com/jmggalleries), Google+ (www.gplus.to/jimgoldstein) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/jimgoldstein).


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