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Friday, February 27, 2009

Money While You Sleep: E-Commerce For Professional Photographers

Web 2.0 means every kind of photo business can and should be online

Workflow: 10 Steps To Web 2.0 Success
The business of photography now can go all-online immediately after the capture
1) The photographer ingests photos via his or her preferred method and efficiently uploads all images (or selects) to the web via the e-commerce solution of his or her choice.

The client accesses proofs directly via a password-protected web gallery.

The client orders images: prints, albums or novelties in the case of wedding and family photographers, or downloadable files with usage licenses from journalists and stock photographers.

 In the case of print or album orders, the photographer’s preferred pro lab fulfills the order no matter how complex and drop-ships directly to the customer (maintaining the photographer’s brand identity).

 The web service invoices and/or accepts payment on behalf of the photographer.

 The web service takes its cut and passes funds along to the photographer.

 Image files are archived online for future orders. In the case of wedding/family photographers, links are passed on to friends and family for more orders. For photographers licensing usage rights, the database becomes searchable for future client needs on this and other projects.

The photographer incorporates his or her best images into an ever-evolving online portfolio.

The photographer utilizes (sometimes built-in) search optimization and e-marketing functionality to recruit new business.

 New customers find the site, browse the work and hire the photographer. In many cases, booking and scheduling even can be done via integrated online calendars.


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