Monday, October 5, 2015

Move Forward With Social Media

By Jim Goldstein Published in The Business of Photography
Move Forward With Social Media

Websites Compared

Instagram Site Type: Social Networking and Photo/Video Sharing
Cost: Free
Storage Limit: Unlimited
Mechanisms For Maximum Exposure:
a) Build a regular following with regular activity (posting and commenting).
b) Get featured in the Explore section as a popular photo. You likely need a high-frequency and quantity of Likes for your image.
c) Be lucky enough to be featured as a Recommended User.
a) Sharing is done less directly by Liking an image. People can peruse images curated by those they follow.
a) Easy to capture an image with one's cell phone camera or upload an image saved to a mobile device.
b) Cross-platform compatibility for iOS and Android users.
c) New web interface to Comment and Like photos.
a) Not able to upload photos from the new web interface.
b) No ability to share images within the network beyond your following.

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