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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Offsite Asset Management

New services do much more than provide safe storage for your image files

Industrial Color's GlobalEdit system (www.globaledit.com), for example, provides a central location for your image archive, editing and proofing and a workspace that can be accessed remotely by a number of people working on a project. As GlobalEdit says on its website, “From digital capture to Web access, fulfillment to storage, GlobalEdit consolidates all parts of the digital photography workflow.” The service is available in modules or as a complete workflow/storage solution, depending upon your needs and price threshold.

The problem with bank vaults is that the people who operate them keep banker's hours. If you get an urgent call for an image and you're not at your studio, your RAID archive might not be of much help to you. When the client needs an image right now, it's good to be able to access it no matter where you are in the world and no matter what time it is.

The ability for a number of people to collaborate on a project no matter where they all are in the world is incredibly powerful. Add the ability to deliver the finished images remotely and you start to get a sense of just how indispensable this technology is likely to become.

Professional labs like A & I (www.aandi.com) and Digital Fusion (www.digitalfusion.net), both located in Los Angeles, offer remote Web galleries and online collaboration/downloading capabilities for their clients. The photographer keeps control over who has access to the gallery and the lightbox and who can download images through the use of a password.

As labs look to the future, these image management and access services look like a successful business model that builds on the lab's tradition of providing services for clients. What digital has taken from a high-end lab in processing and printing fees could be made up in archiving and image-management fees. These companies have a solid fundamental understanding of the needs of the professional photographer, and they're proving adept at fulfilling a need that's likely to increase in the years ahead.


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