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Search Engine Optimization

By Jim Goldstein Published in The Business of Photography
Search Engine Optimization

Common SEO Terms and Definitions

SEO. Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing web pages and websites so they appear in search results.

SERP. A search engine results page is the listing of web pages displayed by a search engine upon submission of a keyword query.

Backlink. A link (hyperlink) pointing from another website back to your own.

PageRank. An exclusive Google algorithm used to calculate the relative importance of web pages across the Internet.

Web Crawler/Spider. A computer program with the purpose of browsing the web in order to discover new links and pages on the behalf of search engines.

Anchor Text. The clickable text of a link found on a web page.

Search Index. A collection of web page data gathered by search engines for fast and accurate retrieval.

Sitemap. An organized list of pages on a specific website accessible to web crawlers and/or users.

Robot.text. A text file stored at the root of a website domain to inform search crawlers/spiders about the structure of the site and which areas of the site are permitted to index.

Metatags. Tags placed inside the HEAD section of your HTML code that provide search engines information about the content of your page (ex., title, description, etc.).

BlackHat SEO. The use of overly aggressive tactics, breaking search engine rules, that focus on search engines alone and not human readers.

WhiteHat SEO. The use of tactics, in line with search engine rules and policies, that focus on human readers and not just search engines alone.

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