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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vision To Visuals: Aid Is In Fashion

Stefano Guindani turns his lens from the glitz of the runway to the poverty of Haiti’s children

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As he artistically circumvents the cliché, pity-filled imagery of tragedy, Guindani allows the viewer to con-sider and feel what it truly means to be a child, full of curiosity and hope and an eternal optimism about the future.

We worked with Virginia and Guindani to render his beautiful body of work into 27 digital photographic prints, carefully maintaining the nuanced tonality of the delicate contrast ratios between the shadows and the highlights. Three larger-than-life portraits, stretched in canvas onto wooden frames printed at nine feet wide, anchored the experience of the show.

These photographs, along with the book, have been used to raise funds for the Francesca Rava Foundation. Guindani is donating all profits from book sales to the foundation, which is currently in the process of building a new orphanage for Haitian children. So moved by Guindani’s work were the creative directors at Valentino that Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli designed a T-shirt to support the initiative. Proceeds of the cotton tee go to the Francesca Rava-N.P.H. Italia Foundation to fund rehabilitation and medical-surgical programs for Haitian’s youth in the aftermath of the earthquake.

In a world that’s gradually waking up to its collective responsibility toward humanity and the environment as a whole, it’s extremely heartening to be involved with such a meaningful project and to see that the custodianship of photography as an effective vehicle for aid is emerging, surprisingly, from the world of fashion.

You can see more of Stefano Guindani’s images at www.stefanoguindani.com. For more information on Duggal, visit www.duggal.com or check out the new blog at www.duggal.com/connect and see their newest articles on the printing, photography and fine-art industries.


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