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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vision To Visuals: Architecture Beyond Building

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vision to visualsWe worked closely with the curators of the exhibit to create the remaining pieces, each one of them custom-produced with the synthesis of design and photography. One of my favorites was a piece by Deborah Gans called the “Roll Out House.” Deborah needed to build a prototype of a portable structure she conceptualized for use during emergencies. She brought our team her 3-D sketch, which we translated into physical form. The first step was to custom-cut corrugated cardboard using digital routers and build the complex architectural shape of the unit. When the shapes were cut and assembled together by hand, we digitally printed a pattern supplied by Deborah on our fabric printer and laminated it onto the inside walls of the structure, transforming this brown cardboard unit into a beautiful design structure. To complete the piece, we built solar panels on top of the structure to power the LED light and fan inside the unit.

In Deborah’s words, “Duggal brought the piece to a whole new level with the solar technology.” This project exemplified the unrestrained creativity that underlies Duggal’s motto—if you can dream it we will build it. It also was an important demonstration of our creativity in creating sustainable solutions—applying solar, wind and other eco-technologies in the imaging and display industries.

vision to visualsAll graphic and imaging components of the Venice exhibition-montages featuring architects and their projects on oversized Plexiglas suspended with steel cables, large stenciled text cut and installed within a rotunda 20 feet high from the ground were produced and installed by Duggal. In fact, my team and I became so intensely involved in the details of this project that when I was told by the curators that they couldn’t afford the designs and materials we proposed, I offered to partially sponsor the exhibit to keep the integrity of the overall design intact. My team not only designed and produced the entire exhibit, but also spent sleepless hours in Venice making sure that it was installed on-site in an impeccable form. The tremendous effort was well acknowledged by William Menking, editor of The Architect’s Newspaper and Commissioner for the U.S. Pavilion, “Baldev Duggal and his team were invaluable to the success of this project.”

Being in Venice, watching hundreds of people walk in and out of our grand photographic mural, marveling at the design features of the exhibit, gave me the kind of thrill that keeps me looking forward to every new day at Duggal with renewed excitement.

Baldev Duggal, president and founder of Duggal, has been innovating visual solutions for image-makers for more than 40 years. Credited with building and designing the industry’s first dip-and-dunk processing machine, Duggal has maintained his status as a leader in the imaging business and is heralded for outstanding service by consumer and trade magazines alike. With digital capabilities reaching worldwide, his headquarters covers a block on West 23rd Street in New York City.



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