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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vision To Visuals: Art And The Downtown Alliance

Wrapping post-9/11 construction zones in transformative art

The process of creating outdoor art installations of this magnitude begins with the most important step of measuring the plywood panels at the construction site on which a graphic can be installed. Given the ad hoc nature of the on-site scaffold structures and union rules, measuring the panels with the necessary precision is a significant challenge. Along with these measurements, the artist needs to understand how the plywood panels may cause seams at various places in the artwork. There's invariably a lot of back and forth between the artists and our printers during the entire process, and decisions about cropping images need to take place at the drop of a hat. Our senior art executive Marina Stark and printer Dylan Pappas have seamlessly managed the prepress and production stage of these art projects for years now. Our installation team, led by Danny, makes sure that the production cycle is completed flawlessly on the construction site. Duggal has a special machine—the only one in the U.S.—that allows us to print these graphics and translate each digital file into a high-resolution, photographic-quality print that can stay installed outdoors for years if necessary.

Public art programs such as Re:Construction open up a new world of opportunities for photographers working in the fine-art medium. As to how the curators select artists for these projects, Ayelet and Elinor say they "look for images that would look great at large scale and some level of sensuality and connection with whoever is going to walk by it on the street." Karin Bravin looks for "artists who can adapt to the changing quality of the site and who can create modular work. When one panel of the parapet at a construction site must be removed, the entire narrative in an art piece should not be displaced." Eliminating conventional expectations of how art must be experienced in secluded environments like galleries, these projects help artists confront the average person on the street and help create new methods of communication.

Projects such as Re:Construction are my true reward for having created a company that can, with equal facility, work with corporations on advertising campaigns and help individual artists to transform bleak urban environments into art installations.

We're proud to be supporting every process from vision to visuals for such noble projects.

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