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Monday, September 1, 2008

Vision To Visuals: Be The Change

EcoImaging is becoming a reality today

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Vision To VisualsI’ve remained committed to helping fine-art and commercial clients communicate their visions with the latest scanning and printing technologies. We take great pride in being the stewards of artistic expression and in helping brands communicate their message effectively. In an era of mounting environmental concerns, we’ve realized that we also must become stewards of the environment to actively change this industry and motivate our customers and suppliers to join hands with us.

Duggal Visual Solutions is proud to launch the Duggal Green Initiative, our commitment to a sustainable future. EcoImaging, our first environmentally conscious product line, extends the unmatched quality of our work into a new realm of possibilities.

As a child in India, I was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi’s message to “be the change you want to see in the world.” Our motivations in developing a new environmentally conscious path for our company and creating a sustainable future are influenced by his values. Inspired by such early environmentalists as Thoreau and Emerson, Gandhi embedded the values of conservation in everything he did and gave to the world a lasting philosophy of sustainability. Gandhi felt that there couldn’t be any ecological movement designed to prevent violence against nature unless the principle of nonviolence became central to the ethos of human culture.

“Mahatma” means the “great soul” in Hindi. This title was given to Gandhi during his lifetime, and it remains a testament to the deep influence his life and ideas had on the entire world. He created the concept of “Satyagraha,” which literally means “insistence on truth,” and he made it the fundamental value of his life.

We’re proud to celebrate the legacy and ecological values of this Mahatma and share his message with the world. Recently, we collaborated with photographer Antonio Vizcaíno to highlight Gandhi’s teachings on conservation and change. We printed Gandhi’s teachings on Antonio’s naturalist images to create larger-than-life billboards around New York City. These billboards serve as inspirations to encourage others to adopt the course of sustainability. Antonio has dedicated 12 years of his photographic career to photographing remote natural landscapes from Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic.

Through his work with America Natural (www.americanatural.org), an organization devoted to communication and education of nature conservation, Antonio has traveled extensively through the North and South American continents, documenting the most preserved natural areas on medium-format photographic film. America Natural’s mission is to express the American continent’s spectacular natural beauty through aesthetically powerful imagery. It’s his hope that the awe-inspiring beauty of these images will build an emotional connection with the intrinsic value of nature and stress the importance of conserving our natural resources for future generations.

I know that highly stylized green marketing campaigns don’t in and of themselves make for an overnight transition to a more sustainable world. Perhaps they simply become reminders for individuals to be aware of the best interest of our planet. One can only hope that with enough awareness, the message eventually will translate into collective action. To that end, we at Duggal are actively engaging our clients into our new initiative, educating them on alternative materials as well as guiding them through this process, which without doubt can seem uncertain to those who are used to traditional materials and processes. Knowing that our clients would care about quality of product above all else, we developed EcoImaging as a perfect substitute for traditional materials. Most people wouldn’t be able to detect a difference between the two as they more than surpass the standards of durability, resolution and aesthetics of materials they’ve traditionally used.


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