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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vision To Visuals: Reconnections

Korean artist Ahae created a huge archive of a narrow vista

Once we acquired permits to showcase Ahae's works in the Grand Central Terminal, the Duggal exhibition design team developed a design theme that would transport the audience in a concrete jungle straight to the pristine locales of the Korean countryside. We went on to employ 70,000 pounds of steel structure to create the installation system for Ahae's works. We produced a total of 100 photographs that ranged from a small 11x17 inches to a grand 16x32 feet on a variety of materials, from Plexi-mounted frameless photos to Duratran light-boxes. The largest piece in the show was a 16x32-foot lightbox, a breathless landscape providing the signature to the exhibit. We built this giant light-box in-house with LED lights and wrapped the photograph around it on a backlit material. The metal edges were finished in fabric to give it a completely natural feel. To communicate the magnitude of Ahae's voluminous shooting, we created a slideshow of 1,200 of his images and projected it on a screen sized 26x32 feet.

On April 29th, New York City commuters at the Grand Central Terminal awoke to a resplendent oasis of nature created by Ahae's beautiful photographs that revealed the view outside his window in varying seasons and their colors, clouds, birds, animals—a body of work so versatile that no one could believe these pictures were all shot from a single window. The magic in each photograph was highlighted by the luminescent backdrop of the lightboxes. This visual sanctum became a sacred space in the middle of the terminal, where weary commuters paused, contemplating the poetry and purity of nature at its purest, and refreshed their spirits.

Ahae and his team were so impressed by our work that today the Duggal team is working with Ahae on printing and mounting his entire fine-art collection, as well as designing and installing his exhibitions, creating his book and collector portfolios, and even marketing his art to collectors. Duggal is now taking Ahae's work to the National Gallery in Prague. Keith Yoo, Ahae's son and CEO of Ahae Press, describes our partnership with Ahae: "It is very simple. Both Mr. Duggal and my father expect the best in the world and pursue the finest artistic goals possible. They both believe in living green and protecting our environment. So it's natural that we chose Duggal Visual Solutions as our partner."

Ahae has given us all a true gift of beauty through his photography, but more importantly, he has stirred in us something far more essential—the impetus to reconnect with our immediate environs and to see and revel in what's right around us. At the end of his long career as an artist, Stieglitz turned to photographing clouds, explaining, "I wanted to photograph clouds to find out what I had learned in forty years about photography. Through clouds to put down my philosophy of life—to show that the success of my photographs was not due to subject matter—not to special trees or faces, or interiors, to special privileges, clouds were there for everyone."

Ahae's work in the same manner reminds us that we're always surrounded by beauty, and it's for us to reach out and experience right outside our windows when we're ready for it.

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