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Monday, December 22, 2008

Vision To Visuals: Small Country, Global Focus

An exhibit in Monaco focuses on environmental awareness

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The final outcome was spectacular. These structures installed looked like jewel boxes, aglow with the soft radiating light of the LEDs and dynamic moving video images.

On the client’s website, the exhibit was described as follows: “Combining audio and visual techniques including short videos, text, graphic design, kaleidoscopic experiences, lighting and architectural elements, they [exhibit structures] seamlessly project a cool image of a hot topic; via video, Prince Albert II outlines his commitment to the environment; and from the Hollywood-based special effects team who worked on The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man, are some amazing visual effects.”

There’s nothing more gratifying for me than to see a project that comes through our door in the form of a drawing and leaves our premises fully fabricated into structures and installed on-site where people can experience it in reality. This project was especially close to my heart because it showed me how much of a leadership role even a small country can play toward educating and committing to sustainability in the world. It’s heartening to know that Monaco is an early signatory of the Kyoto Protocol and has implemented innovative waste reuse, water preservation and energy efficiency measures, including free public electric recharging stations. Prince Albert II runs his own environmental foundation, which addresses the challenges of climate change and renewable energies, loss of biodiversity and improving universal access to clean water and fighting desertification. They have helped such environmentalists as Wangari Maathai of the Green Belt Movement in Kenya.

Monaco truly is a “small country, with a global focus.” I’m proud that we were able to offer them our expertise in realizing their commitment to global awareness on such an important issue.

Baldev Duggal, president and founder of Duggal, has been innovating visual solutions for image-makers for more than 40 years. Credited with building and designing the industry’s first dip-and-dunk processing machine, Duggal has maintained his status as a leader in the imaging business and is heralded for outstanding service by consumer and trade magazines alike. With digital capabilities reaching worldwide, his headquarters covers a block on West 23rd Street in New York City.


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