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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Visioneer's Gallery: Expanding The Audience

United Photo Industries’ massive public exhibitions bring modern photography to accessible public spaces

United Photo Industries' team is constantly in search of photographers from around the world. In a year, they've put together 11 individual exhibitions. They even install photographs on East River Ferry boats and continue to do numerous photo fence installations around New York. Barzilay explains, "We feel we have found a unique avenue to contribute to the evolution of digital photography by taking it to the streets. Our numerous outdoor installations are providing interactions between photographers and viewers. We are able to reach hundreds of thousands of people, many of them having never stepped into a gallery before. Experienced in this unexpected context, stories and images presented by photographers are having a deeper impact and resonating with viewers." Extending their photography efforts toward educational outreach and support in the Brooklyn community, UPI is also involved with The Red Hook Justice Program, the Kurt Hahn School and a new initiative in Brownsville. "We are very proud to assist these young artists in finding their vision and voice through conversations with professional photographers and editors, active workshops and exhibitions at our gallery."

United Photo Industries has come to play an unprecedented role in the photography industry today. Just as photographers are hungry for venues to show their work and the public is equally eager to connect with images in a meaningful way, UPI has created a platform that educates and entertains, and provides a nexus for photography conversation and contemplation that had not existed in the public domain other than at museums that aren't as accessible to many people. As they expand their installations from the boroughs of New York to Boston and other cities, there's no doubt that UPI's role as photo ambassadors will delight audiences by bringing uniquely curated contemporary photography to people who are starting to discover the beauty and magnitude of the photography world.

We at Duggal are delighted to have entered into an ongoing partnership with the United Photo Industries to contribute to the evolution of digital photography by taking it to the streets around the world. I'm happy to support UPI's larger-than-life vision for democratizing photography. It's to my great pride that Creative Producer Dave Shelley states, "None of our large outdoor installations would be possible without the support of Duggal. We are very fortunate to have the right partner from the start. Their technical expertise has allowed us to streamline and realize our vision. We have worked together over the last two years and have produced amazing results together. Through all of our exhibitions and installation experiences, and with Duggal's input, we have been able to tweak the manufacturing process. Exploring new materials, quality of prints and production process, Duggal has helped to lead the way."

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