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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Visioneer's Gallery: Richard Corman & Icons

Creating timeless prints for the new millennium

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Just as Duggal once changed the paradigm by introducing digital printing when most others were debating whether digital could replace film, the new Duggal HD C-Prints represent a giant leap forward in fine-art digital printing.

"I'm always looking at new technologies, and when I came to Duggal, I was looking for a printer that would reproduce texture, contrast and three-dimensional quality as I feel and see it," says Corman. "The prints that come out of this new printer are unlike anything I've ever seen. The texture is unsurpassed, and it has the ability to pick up the smallest of details and bring the depth, range of contrast and tone to a whole new level."

Equipped with a solid-state RGB laser unit, the HD C-printer contains the only exposure system, which allows almost realistic reproduction of color depth, color separation, perfect continuous tone and maximum details in the highlights and shadows.

The proprietary Polielettronica 48-bit/color-graphic processor guarantees the complete transfer of information from image to paper. The laser alignment system and the optical transfer through a single fiber optic guarantees the maximum quality of each of the 1.3 GB pixels needed to create a 50x100-inch print. Just as CCDs once heralded a quantum shift in the way photographs were taken, the HD C-printer fundamentally shifts the way photographers will be able to create digital archival fine-art photographs.

At Duggal, when we work with legendary photographers like Richard Corman, who spend extraordinary resources to create iconic images, it becomes our imperative to match their efforts by offering them the best possible print technology the world has to offer. I'm extremely proud to become the first company in the world to make these exceptional HD C-Prints available to photographers so they're able to finally express the nuances of a beautiful image available in tactile archival form. HD C-Prints represent the ultimate marriage of art and science at Duggal, a motto upon which I founded the company more than five decades ago. It's a technological breakthrough that allows us to create fine-art digital imagery unlike any other created in the history of photographic printing.

For more information on Duggal, visit www.duggal.com or check out the new blog at www.duggal.com/connect and see their newest articles on the printing, photography and fine-art industries.


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