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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Visioneer’s Gallery: The Heart Gallery

The traveling “Faces of Foster Care” exhibition makes a stop in Penn Station

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Paul Lange, the celebrity photographer who counts Halle Berry, Tyra Banks and Oprah among his clients, remarks, "My whole career was fashion and beauty. The nice thing about it is, instead of selling a product, we're campaigning for a person's future. It spoke to me to give these kids an opportunity to get a foot up on the ladder." Lange says his biggest surprise was the "genuineness" in the children's expressions. "It's like they're saying, I'm a good person inside. Give me a chance. They're dying for an opportunity for someone to step forward and take a chance on them," he says.
Paul Lange says his biggest surprise was the "genuineness" in the children's expressions.
Photography as a vehicle of social action fortunately has begun to play a powerful role in the world today. Translating photography into public art embedded with such a strong call to action is a very effective means of communicating about issues that otherwise would fall off our collective radar. Supporting this cause becomes transformative, both for the subject, as well as the photographer. As Salzano puts it, "I've found it to be such an extraordinary experience. They're so appreciative of our efforts and want so much to be seen in the best way possible. I think they're some of the most willing subjects I've ever had in front of my camera, and they're all so invested in making the portrait successful—interestingly enough, not in a vain or self-absorbed way, but as sincere and hopeful people who so need to be a part of something they're missing in their lives."

"Faces of Foster Care" will travel throughout the five boroughs through airports, malls and public offices, touching the hearts of thousands who view it and hopefully connect the children with "forever homes." The Heart Gallery has given all of us in the photography industry an amazing opportunity to make a lasting difference in the lives of children and the families who adopt them, and Duggal is truly proud to have lent its support for this noble cause.

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