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Friday, May 25, 2007

Workshops For The Pros

Workshops aren't just for amateur enthusiasts. You can take your business to a new level by attending an intense, professionally oriented program.

A Pro Workshop To be sure, Gorman's workshop is popular with professionals who are looking to get up to speed digitally, but participants are also drawn to it for the opportunity to work side by side with one of the top professionals in the business. If your career is geared to photojournalism, for example, taking a workshop from someone like Gorman gives you a chance to learn techniques for high-level beauty photography. On the other hand, if you've always been an outdoor landscape professional and you'd like to be doing some sports photography, a workshop by a top sports shooter would be a good way to go. Peter Read Miller, whose work has been featured in DPP several times, conducts a workshop near Denver, where he teaches the ins and outs of shooting digital sports photography.

The program at Miller's workshop is specifically geared to Sports Illustrated-style sports photography. Participants learn how to light for sports, including complex situations like basketball games that require hanging lights throughout the gym. Like any high-end workshop, the participants range from pros to amateurs who would like to be entering the professional ranks.

A Pro Workshop In his characteristic straightforward style, Miller critiques student work each day and discusses how they might change their approach to get a stronger image. The critiques are heavy on technical information and coupled with lectures from Canon Professional Services representatives, giving the students intimate knowledge of how to set up the camera for sports action.


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