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Friday, May 25, 2007

Workshops For The Pros

Workshops aren't just for amateur enthusiasts. You can take your business to a new level by attending an intense, professionally oriented program.

A Pro Workshop A few other companies have introduced workshops that are specifically geared to professionals looking to quickly get up to speed on going digital. D-65 based in Florida offers classes on a variety of topics, including professional workflow. The D-65 workshops are intensive and focus more on computer work and less on camera work. Taught by D-65 founders Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer, the workshops are offered in cities around the country. The four-day program is based on the assertion that in the changing professional environment, professional photographers are responsible for more than simply shooting the picture. You're the shooter, the lab and sometimes the pre-press house as well. If you can master these varied aspects of the work, you can increase your studio's billing and provide services to your clients that will keep them calling you for work in the future. D-65 has proven to be one of the more popular workshops among pros who are considered leaders in their fields but who haven't yet explored digital.

In a similar vein, the people at Blue Pixel have set up a series of workshops and seminars to coach professionals about how to get their business into the digital fast lane. The intensive one-day workflow seminars are geared to savvy photographers who need some help in getting digitally efficient. The Blue Pixel seminars start after the picture has been captured, so there's precious little on camera technique, but plenty of information on working with the image files in detail. Blue Pixel's philosophy is that the photographer should be spending time behind the camera rather than in front of the computer. You're more profitable when you're pressing the shutter button rather than the mouse button.

A Pro Workshop The big workshop organizations, such as the Maine Photographic Workshops, the Palm Beach Photographic Centre and the Santa Fe Workshops, run classes focused on the needs of pros as well. If you're looking for a specific area where you'd like some instruction, these workshop companies are likely to have something that will fit the bill.


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