DPP Home Business XDR, Part V

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

XDR, Part V

Using Photomatix to enhance your extended dynamic range images

This Article Features Photo Zoom

Tone Sub-Menu
White Point.
Controls white point clipping. Brightens the image by moving all the tones right.

Black Point. Controls black point clipping. Darkens the image by moving all the tones left.

Gamma. Controls brightness without clipping shadows or highlights. Move left to raise gamma, darkening, compressing shadows and expanding highlights. Move right to lower gamma, lightening, expanding shadows and compressing highlights.

Sub-Menu Tone Details
Sub-Menu Color Details
Sub-Menu Micro Details
Color Sub-Menu
Controls color temperature. Move left to raise (cool/blue); move right to lower (warm/yellow).

Saturation Highlights. Controls highlight saturation without affecting midtones and shadows. Move left to lower; move right to raise.

Saturation Shadows. Controls shadow saturation without affecting midtones and highlights. Move left to lower; move right to raise.

Micro Sub-Menu
Micro-Contrast. Controls accentuation of small-scale contrast (detail and texture). Move left to reduce; move right to increase. Accentuates edges with some darkening.

Micro-Smoothing. Controls suppression of small-scale contrast (noise). Move right to increase effect. Strong applications may suppress texture so much that the image can look synthetic or generated.

S/H Sub-Menu (Shadows/Highlights)
Highlights Smoothing. Controls brightness of highlights only. Improves contrast. Reduces halos.

Shadows Smoothing.
Controls brightness of shadows only. Reduces contrast.

Shadows Clipping. Clips shadows to black, affecting darkest values only. Increases overall contrast with some loss of noise and detail. Modified by Shadows Smoothing.

Controlling Essential Elements
When tone mapping you weigh a balance of many concerns: brightness, global contrast, midtone contrast, small-scale contrast, halos, noise, and global and local saturation. Each control is designed to target specific components aggressively, but they often have affects on other components. Below you’ll find the strength of the effect each control has on these essential elements.

High—Luminosity, Gamma
Medium—Strength, White Point,
Light Smoothing
Low—Micro-Contrast, Micro-Smoothing

High—Black Point, White Point
Medium—Shadows Clipping,
Highlights Smoothing

Midtone Contrast
High—Luminosity, Gamma
Small-Scale Contrast

High—Light Smoothing,Strength
Medium—Highlights Smoothing
Medium—Shadows Clipping,
Shadows Smoothing

Medium—Saturation Shadows, Saturation Highlights


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