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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Your Home On The Web, Part 2

If you're interested in getting into e-commerce through your website, there are some good services to check out


If you're currently a liveBooks user, a new service from PhotoShelter adds a link to your liveBooks web page to search for images. The layout has the same look and feel as your liveBooks site, making it an excellent companion to this service, and adds the ability to search all uploaded images rather than only the images displayed in portfolios.

PhotoShelter isn't just for liveBooks users, though. You can integrate with any existing site design or use only the search features and storage options. Prices start as low as $5.99 per month for 10 GB of storage and up to $400 per month for 1 TB. Website integration is $20 per month and merchant services are available for $1 per transaction. A useful feature is the ability to upload images in any format or size, which is a great option for stock photographers who need high-res files available.


SiteDesignWorks takes an à la carte approach to web packages, great for the photographer who wants to customize what services he or she offers online, but can quickly add up to an expensive annual fee for a completely featured solution.

SiteDesignWorks offers a number of very high-quality templates in three different packages, as well as custom work to create a unique site. All options such as e-mail, reporting, online orders and individual portfolios are additional charges, but you only pay for what you need, making your site easy to grow into as business grows.

Final Thoughts

Selling online is a logical extension to your photography business and opens your photo sales to a worldwide market. Most of the services listed here have a free trial period to give you a feel for setting up and maintaining an online sales site, so other than a bit of time, there isn't any real cost to explore what's possible. Services like Digital Railroad and PhotoReflect attract buyers to whom you otherwise wouldn't have access, further increasing sales opportunities. If you've been thinking about selling online, all of these services are a great place to start.

Jon Canfield is the author of several books on digital imaging, including Photo Finish: The Digital Photographer's Guide to Printing, Showing, and Selling Images and RAW 101. Visit his website at www.joncanfield.com.

ClickImage www.clickimage.com
Collages.net www.collages.net
Digital Railroad www.digitalrailroad.com
dotPhotoPro www.dotphotopro.com
liveBooks www.live-books.com
Moments4Ever www.moments4ever.com
PhotoReflect www.photoreflect.com
PhotoShelter www.photoshelter.com
SiteDesignWorks www.sitedesignworks.com



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