Visioneer’s Gallery: Project Paz

As Juarez continues to struggle with drug violence, artists band together to aid the children of that beleaguered city
By Baldev Duggal
Systemic violence is one of the most debilitating epidemics challenging the notions of progress in global societies today. There's perhaps no city worse hit by this disease than the Mexican town of Juarez located across the Texas border. Declared "the most violent zone in the world outside of declared war…

Case Study: Producing A Successful Estimate

Craig Oppenheimer of Wonderful Machine walks us through the details of a winning job bid for a restaurant’s photo shoot
By Craig Oppenheimer Of Wonderful Machine
As a producer at Wonderful Machine, I work with photographers around the world on a daily basis to help them connect with clients and estimate projects both big and small. One of our members recently asked me to help him compile an estimate for a shoot with an agency working…

Visioneer’s Gallery: The Heart Gallery

The traveling “Faces of Foster Care” exhibition makes a stop in Penn Station
By Baldev Duggal
"A picture may be worth a thousand words, but for foster children in New York City and across the country, a picture is worth improved self-esteem, and potentially, a new home and family." These moving words from CNN refer to photographic portraits of foster children in the "Heart Gallery," a…

Visioneer’s Gallery: Marilyn Reinvented

An extraordinary new exhibit of Bert Stern’s photos of Marilyn Monroe at Milk Studios in Manhattan
By Baldev Duggal
"Diamonds are a girl's best friends," sang Marilyn Monroe mellifluously in 1953, forever embalming her charismatic appeal into the highest echelons of glitz and glamour in the world. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe, and in a grand commemoration befitting this queen of glamour,…

Arbitration Friend or Foe?

As a professional photographer, should you beware of alternative dispute resolution
By Samuel Lewis
If there's one aspect of contracts frequently misunderstood or rarely given due consideration, it's provisions relating to dispute resolution, and specifically, the increasingly common use of the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures of mediation and arbitration. Those who fail to fully appreciate the relative advantages and disadvantages of including such…

Social Media & ­­­­­Copyright

Navigating the potential pitfalls of having your work circulating in social media
By Jim Goldstein
In the past several years, social-media websites and their everyday use have been rapidly evolving. Through it all, copyright protection has been a constant concern for creatives of all types, but particularly photographers. In my prior article "Social-Media Marketing Essentials," I covered a variety of topics surrounding social-media marketing, including…
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