Vision To Visuals: Keeping It Real

Rachel Hovnanian challenges perceptions of female beauty
By Baldev Duggal
Imagine experiencing a parallel reality of our world that serves as an antidote to our pervasive media culture, which undermines women's sense of self-image and confidence through its artificial constructs of beauty. With social media becoming the de rigueur method of keeping connected with "friends," women being marketed, constructed myths…

Is Photo School Worth It?

Going into a photography program gives you the skills and knowledge to compete in an increasingly competitive environment
By Staff
In recent years, the world of for-profit education has been criticized in the media for making promises of high-paying jobs upon graduation. At the forefront of these criticisms have been cooking schools, thanks in part to the proliferation of reality-based cooking shows on TV, which show young, hipster chefs spinning…

Vision To Visuals: Change The World

Russell James, Nomad Two Worlds and making a difference
By Baldev Duggal
It was more than 10 years ago when we first worked with acclaimed photographer Russell James. He had been commissioned by Herm├Ęs to create a site-specific installation at the Academy of Art in Tribeca. James, already pushing his fashion photography into an experimental fine-art genre, was exploring the theme of…

Vision To Visuals: Culture Club

A nightlife hot spot uses artistic fashion photography to set the tone
By Baldev Duggal
Of all experiences in New York City that can make a newcomer feel like an instant New Yorker, spending an evening in one of the city's famed nightclubs has to be among the top five. In the '80s and the '90s, clubs like Studio 54, Roxy, Limelight, Palladium and Webster…

The Fair Use Quandary

The anatomy of a copyright infringement dispute
By Samuel Lewis
Much has been written recently regarding Jay Maisel's enforcement of his copyrights, and especially of the demand that he made against Portland, Oregon-based Andy Baio, a self-described writer and tech entrepreneur, arising from Baio's unauthorized use of the cover art from one of Miles Davis' records. The vast majority of…

Vision To Visuals: A Moveable Feast

Painter Nicole Etienne experiments with photography and printing
By Baldev Duggal
"I was hooked like a magpie to shiny things," says Nicole Etienne, the dynamic young painter known for her "luscious" paintings, of her first encounter with print materials at Duggal. Etienne had lived close to the Duggal headquarters in the Flatiron District for almost a decade before she moved to…
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