Stealing Inspiration

Where’s the line between inspiration, plagiarism and copyright infringement?
By Samuel Lewis
Every now and again, I find myself explaining photographic techniques to younger photographers. Recently, one of these conversations prompted me to recall a few of the photographers who helped me gain an understanding of those techniques and even the context in which I learned them. Often, those skills were learned…

Vision To Visuals: Full Circle

Serendipity brought William John Kennedy’s 50-year-old images back to Duggal
By Baldev Duggal
In the 50 years since founding Duggal, there are very few business decisions I regret, save for one: As a young entrepreneur in the early '60s, when my photo lab was just starting to become popular with artists, I provided photo capture and enlargement services to Marcel Duchamp and Andy…

Laws In Collision

Artistic freedom versus licensing rights—the law is in need of a course correction before it runs afoul of itself and takes photographers into a black hole of uncertainty
By Samuel Lewis
What do an artist, the University of Alabama, a host of trademark law professors and members of the major collegiate athletic conferences have in common? As absurd as the question may seem, the answer is rather sobering: All are participants, to varying degrees, in a legal showdown that pits copyright…

Vision To Visuals: Keeping It Real

Rachel Hovnanian challenges perceptions of female beauty
By Baldev Duggal
Imagine experiencing a parallel reality of our world that serves as an antidote to our pervasive media culture, which undermines women's sense of self-image and confidence through its artificial constructs of beauty. With social media becoming the de rigueur method of keeping connected with "friends," women being marketed, constructed myths…

Is Photo School Worth It?

Going into a photography program gives you the skills and knowledge to compete in an increasingly competitive environment
By Staff
In recent years, the world of for-profit education has been criticized in the media for making promises of high-paying jobs upon graduation. At the forefront of these criticisms have been cooking schools, thanks in part to the proliferation of reality-based cooking shows on TV, which show young, hipster chefs spinning…

Vision To Visuals: Change The World

Russell James, Nomad Two Worlds and making a difference
By Baldev Duggal
It was more than 10 years ago when we first worked with acclaimed photographer Russell James. He had been commissioned by Hermès to create a site-specific installation at the Academy of Art in Tribeca. James, already pushing his fashion photography into an experimental fine-art genre, was exploring the theme of…
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