Under Fire

In an era of “cell phone” photojournalism, does the professional photographer still have a role?
By David Willis
During the recent uprisings in the Middle East commonly referred to as the Arab Spring, the people of the region were able to circumvent censorship and bring governments to their knees, thanks in large part to cell phone and mobile digital technology. Images and videos were disseminated to the world…

Vision To Visuals: Audacity!

A multimedia artist who embodies zest for living
By Baldev Duggal
Fashion photography and wildlife photography are such distinctly different genres that to imagine the two together in a single frame, one must attempt to reconcile the paradoxical imagery of fashion models in glamorous urban studios against the thrilling scenes of wild beasts in their natural habitats. Any photographer who attempts…


Taking matters into your own hands can backfire, so don’t play the fool when enforcing your copyrights. In the Wild West world of the Internet, everything isn’t necessarily as cut-and-dried as it seems.
By Samuel Lewis
In this age of digital imaging, it's only a matter of time before anyone who distributes images, electronically or otherwise, will find his or her images used without consent and copyrights infringed. Since one can make a perfect copy of an original image by simply copying the digital file, the…

Vision To Visuals: Reconnections

Korean artist Ahae created a huge archive of a narrow vista
By Baldev Duggal
Alfred Stieglitz, the father of modern photography, once famously remarked, "Claims of art won't do. Let the photographer make a perfect photograph. And if he happens to be a lover of perfection and a seer, the resulting photograph will be straight and beautiful—a true photograph." Ahae, a Korean naturalist and…

Vision To Visuals: Aid Is In Fashion

Stefano Guindani turns his lens from the glitz of the runway to the poverty of Haiti’s children
By Baldev Duggal
How does a fashion photographer shooting for luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Versace, Louis Vuitton and Valentino end up creating a body of photojournalistic work so moving that it rallies the entire fashion world in support of a profoundly humanitarian cause? Haiti: Through the Eye of Stefano Guindani,…

Kickstarting Your Project

Crowdsourcing as an option for photographers
By David Willis
Gerd Ludwig is no stranger to the pages of Digital Photo Pro, and his history in the world of photography is long and storied. Ludwig was cofounder of Germany's very first photographer-owned photo studio, VISUM, and he has been published frequently over the years in the highly regarded pages of…
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