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September/October 2014


  • Dedicated To Motion

    The advantages of working with a video camera for filmmaking or broadcast

    The problem with using your primary still camera for video is that a number of accessories will be required to gain the same advantages that a dedicated camcorder system has right out of the box.
  • Hi-Tech Studio: Lens Adapters

    Create a completely custom body and lens outfit with an adapter

    The lens mount is more than just a mechanism for securing the lens to the camera.
  • Misinformation: Lens Tech

    High-quality manual-focus lenses available at lower prices

    On a film, professional cinematographers must be able to rack focus between two or more points as the talent or subject moves through a composition.
  • September/October 2014

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • Time To Lose The Mirror

    New interchangeable-lens mirrorless cameras are threatening to take the place of your DSLR

    When rangefinder cameras came along in the early part of the 20th century, they revolutionized photography.


  • Ethan Pines: The Storyteller

    From the Ivy League to shooting covers for Forbes, Ethan Pines has taken his penchant for telling stories into the visual realm

    Ethan Pines not only knows how to take a good picture, he knows how to tell a good story.
  • Tim Wallace: Next Year’s Model

    English photographer Tim Wallace reinvigorates the art of automotive photography, one luxury car at a time

    Seven years ago, Tim Wallace decided he wanted to photograph luxury cars.


  • RAW Processing Fundamentals

    Take complete control of the nuances and subtle exposure elements within your image files

    The reason you have so much more flexibility when starting with RAW is because you're shaping it before it's tone mapped into RGB.
  • Shots In The Dark

    14 tips for low-light and night photography

    The high ISO capability of today's new camera models is a true game changer.


  • Mini Docs

    Learn storytelling in motion and promote yourself through short documentaries and behind-the-scenes videos

    With the Nikon D90 and the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, video was introduced to the still camera.
  • Visioneer's Gallery: Emotion In Motion

    Using lenticular imagery, a drab public space was transformed into one of motion and emotion

    Artist Brian Eno once remarked, "Sometimes the strongest single importance of a work of art is the celebration of some kind of temporary community."

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