Monochrome Gear Guide

The tools and tricks you need to capture perfect black-and-white photos
By David Schloss
Monochrome images have a power that color images lack. It’s the abstraction in black-and-white that I think makes it so special—removing color from a scene allows the brain to perceive it differently. While color images stand out thanks to what they have, monochrome images stand out because of what they’re…

High-Tech Studio: Strange Light

Expand your creativity with these nontraditional uses of lighting tools
By Ellis Vener
Mastering softboxes, beauty dishes, reflectors, gobos and spots is all part of the job of the commercial photographer. Having the ability to dig into a bag of lighting tricks and come up with a “solution” to a challenging shoot is all in a day’s work. A masterful photographer, though, keeps…

Making An Image “Real”

Advertising and sports photographer Tim Tadder talks about his creative process and the integral role that printing plays in it
By The Editors
Known for his advertising and commercial work, including photographs of iconic athletes like Tom Brady and Michael Phelps, Tim Tadder is widely recognized for his imaginative images. In this video, Tadder talks about his creative process and how a sound trigger became the inspiration for a series of memorable photographs.…

High-Tech Studio: The Golden Age Of Printing

Today’s printers are technological marvels, ready to create a masterpiece at a moment’s notice
By David Schloss
The latest desktop professional printers are incredible machines—their output is astounding, and the amount of technology stuffed inside these relatively affordable little boxes is mind-boggling. At a recent press briefing with Canon for the new imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 printer, the product managers talked about the 27 different temperature sensors inside the…

Battery Powered Monolights

With a combination of portability, power, versatility and the ability to be used away from an AC outlet, battery-powered monolights are gaining an increasing following among professional photographers
The Editors
Monolights are self-contained pro flash units that plug into standard AC wall sockets, no separate power pack needed. All the controls are on the flash head—no need to move to a power pack to adjust power and other settings (although many newer monolights feature standard or optional remote controls). Some…

The Resolution Of Imaging

Today’s cameras, lenses, printers and scanners are sharper, more detailed and better than ever
By David Schloss
Photographic purists often will remind digital photographers that even the most modest piece of 35mm film can outperform digital photography when it comes to resolution. Film, they argue, has as much detail as somewhere between a 100-megapixel and 200-megapixel sensor, depending on how exactly you convert the resolving power of…
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