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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Calibrate Your Camera

To get complete predictability, consistency and control, it's important to calibrate your entire system. We used to do it with film, now we do it a little differently with digital gear.

The preview will update to reflect the current ACR default settings for this camera. You'll note the Exposure, Shadows, Brightness and Contrast sliders all have positive values. We need to zero out all the sliders to see what the native performance of the chip is like without any processing enhancements. Change all sliders to zero values and click on the Select All button at the upper left of the dialog, then click Synchronize.

Depending on the software, neutralizing the colors has a different dialog box of controls.

Calibrate Your CameraLEFT: Placing the eyedropper in the black hole should result in a neutral black with identical RGB values.

Calibrate Your CameraLEFT: The Lightroom sliders are used in the same way as the Camera Raw sliders.

Calibrate Your CameraLEFT: To get to the actual hue, saturation and brightness numbers, the first step is to crop out the color chart in Camera Raw.


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