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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Use Custom Functions To Personalize Your D-SLR

Discover how custom functions can improve the way you produce images

The Personalized D-SLR Shooting For Specific Needs

Changing settings just because you can is rather pointless, which is why understanding specific needs is key for effectively using the customizable settings of any digital SLR.

A sports photographer who shoots football benefits greatly by removing the AF control from the shutter-release button. In a rapidly changing shooting situation, where objects can suddenly come between the subject and the camera, the ability to control focus using an alternative button on the camera or the AF button on a telephoto lens helps increase the chance of getting a sharp picture of a key play.

This allows for the locking of focus to be separate from the locking of exposure. So when shooting a running back who has moved from shadows into highlights, the photographer has the freedom to lock focus at any point while the camera continues adapting its metering for any changes in lighting.

The Personalized D-SLR A wedding photographer working in low light may not wish to completely depend on the camera's multi-sensor AF detection system that attempts to choose “the subject” based on contrast and distance. Those once-in-a-lifetime moments can be missed while the camera chooses to focus on the wrong object.

By using Custom Function 17, the photographer can choose an individual sensor or a limited number of sensors surrounding that manually selected AF point. This allows the subject to be detected for focus, even if it isn't exactly within the detection area of the primary AF sensor.


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