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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Use Custom Functions To Personalize Your D-SLR

Discover how custom functions can improve the way you produce images

The Personalized D-SLR Discover New Capabilities

“There's an assist button on the back of the camera, which you can assign to do a variety of different things,” explains Allin, referring to the 1D series of cameras. “Out of the box, it doesn't do much, but you can set it so it toggles back and forth between different focusing patterns because, with some sports, you might prefer having a middle focusing point, and [a different focusing point] for another sport, like baseball or track and field.

“I prefer having all 45 AF points working actively. I can have one button provide one focusing pattern while another provides an alternative, which I can select without removing my eye from the viewfinder.”

The power of such adaptability is that even though a feature may not work to your personal preference at its default setting, you now have the ability to make it work just the way that suits you.

Different Cameras, Similar Controls

Though the custom functions referred to thus far are applicable to Canon cameras, models from Nikon, Olympus and others each offers its own version of custom functionality, many similar to those described thus far.

For example, on the Nikon D2x camera, the Custom Settings are grouped under six categories (autofocus, metering/exposure, timers/AE and AF lock, shooting/display, bracketing/flash and controls), and you can achieve a high level of personal customization.

The Personalized D-SLR Custom Setting A5 provides the ability to activate focus detection using the AF-ON button rather than the shutter-release button. Custom Setting B6 allows you to reduce or enlarge the size of the metering area for center-weighted metering from the standard 8mm area, which is the default. The combination of these features can be ideally suited for portraiture or macro work.

Changing Ergonomics

One of the key aspects of customization is determining which button on the camera's surface allows you to change individual settings. Though the layout of these cameras is ergonomic, individual shooters may find they prefer to change the focus using a different button on their camera, rather than those used as the default. Canon's Custom Functions provide just this opportunity by allowing multiple buttons or a single button to be used, along with the Main and Quick Control Dials of the camera.

Just as you have found that focus priority works best for portraits and continuous focus for action, each of these custom functions is geared to provide you with the choice of personalizing your camera.


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