DPP Home Gear In Focus December 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

December 2007

New Tools Of The Trade

Drobo Storage Robot
Looking like nothing more than an external RAID, Drobo is a fully automated data storage solution that monitors and repairs problems that could put your data at risk. The device automatically controls all aspects of storage management and takes no configuration or setup. Since Drobo knows where your data is stored, it finds the most effective way of protecting and repairing itself before there's a disk failure or data corruption. You can add new drives, expanding Drobo's capacity as your storage demands grow. It plugs in via USB 2.0. Estimated Street Price: $499. Contact: Data Robotics, Inc., (866) 997-6268, www.drobo.com.

Legion Paper Legion Goes Green
Most of the “green” discussion in the paper industry has focused on wood-based or recycled products, leaving out 100-percent cotton-based products—papers made from cork, mulberry and handmade papers. Legion Paper, in response to both this and customer inquiries about its products, has launched a comprehensive eco-friendly paper classification system as part of its Website. Each paper is organized into five categories: Alternative Energy, Chlorine-Free, Handmade Papers, Mill Certification and Tree-Free. In addition to being an education tool, the site provides a simple way to make eco-friendly prints. Contact: Legion Paper, (800) 727-3716, www.legionpaper.com

latest version of ACDSee Pro. Version 2.0Photo Management
Expanded RAW processing power, more flexible cataloging and new advanced editing features are just some of the upgrades offered in the latest version of ACDSee Pro. Version 2.0 was developed with input from more than 2,500 pros who participated in a beta testing program. With improved processing power and speed, you now can view and edit large RAW files with the speed of smaller JPEGs. File manipulation is easier because you can cut and paste RAW photo settings, make one-step rotating and cropping adjustments, and recover up to two stops of lost highlight detail with the Highlights Recovery Slider. RAW files now can be simultaneously exported to up to 14 different formats and multiple resolutions with options to rename, resize and embed color profiles. Estimated Street Price: $130. Contact: ACD Systems, (866) 244-2237, www.acdsee.com.

Domke F-8 Compact Bag The Messenger
When an assignment doesn't require lots of equipment, throw the retro-style Domke F-8 Compact Bag over your shoulder. Made from heavyweight, water-resistant cotton canvas, the F-8 is designed to carry and protect D-SLRs, featuring eight inner compartments and a padded bottom to keep out water. The material breathes, minimizing the effect of condensation. Adjustable closures on the main flap let you close the bag even when it's stuffed. Estimated Street Price: $69. Contact: Tiffen, (631) 273-2500, www.tiffen.com.


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