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Monday, November 26, 2007

December 2007

New Tools Of The Trade

Power Mask 1.0 Put The Right Mask On
Extracting objects out of an image can be one of the more time-consuming tasks to take on in Photoshop. To make the process a bit smoother, Digital Film Tools has created Power Mask 1.0, an interactive plug-in that lets you cut out objects in real time. Whether it's a reflection from a building or a single strand of hair, as you paint along the edge of the object to be extracted, the program updates the mask or composite in real time. Foreground edge colors are estimated in the semitransparent areas to create a seamless composite. Estimated Street Price: $150. Contact: Digital Film Tools, (818) 761-6577, www.digitalfilmtools.com.

Kingston CompactFlash Ultimate memory cards Fast Memory
Shoot with the high-performance line of Kingston CompactFlash Ultimate memory cards, which now feature write speeds that are double what they were previously. With transfer rates of 45 MBps (read) and 40 MBps (write), you can continuously capture more high-resolution images in less time. For added peace of mind, the 266x CompactFlash Ultimate cards offer a bonus download for data-recovery software from MediaRECOVER. The application recovers lost or deleted files, and restores corrupt files on Windows or Mac operating systems. It's available to download from the Kingston Website. Estimated Street Price: $75 (2 GB); $128 (4 GB); $265 (8 GB). Contact: Kingston, (877) KINGSTON, www.kingston.com.

SeeYourPhotos.net Digital Photo Marketplace
Manage and sell your images online using SeeYourPhotos.net, a Website designed by and for professional photographers to upload, display and market their work. With fast FTP upload speeds and Website management, the software used by the site features a variety of marketing tools to help you increase sales. The Studio Name Branding tool allows customers to go to your Website for viewing events while the SeeYourPhotos.net viewing features run in the background so customers can easily look at and order photos. An Image Comparison tool lets customers view images side by side, and a Favorites folder tracks their preferred photos. A 10-percent service charge is applied to all consumer sales from the site. A free, two-week trial is available. List Price: $35 per upload; unlimited uploads for$59 per month; $295 for six months; $576 for 12 months. Contact: SeeYourPhotos.net, (866) 523-6463, www.SeeYourPhotos.net

Visidec Freestanding Double Horizontal LCD mounting device Big-Screen Support
Mount two flat-panel monitors side by side with the Visidec Freestanding Double Horizontal LCD mounting device. The sleek, elegant design supports two widescreen LCD monitors ranging from 12 to 24 inches and up to 25 pounds per display. It fits 3x3- and 4x4-inch mounting hole patterns. The device offers horizontal and vertical adjustments along with ±40-degree angular modifications. It displays monitors in both portrait and landscape rotation, has a 15x12-inch footprint and sports a stylish black base with matt silver poles and a built-in cable management system. Estimated Street Price: $229. Contact: Atdec, www.atdec.com.


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