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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

December 2009

New Tools Of The Trade

This Article Features Photo Zoom

Mamiya DM56
The Mamiya DM56 features a 56-megapixel sensor, faster autofocus technology and a 16-bit/channel color palette for images with outstanding color accuracy and High Dynamic Range. With new “DF” camera-core technology, the camera has two user-selectable shutters systems—leaf or focal plane. In demanding daylight situations, you can use one of three new leaf-shuttered lenses (55mm, 80mm, 110mm), designed by Schneider-Kreuznach, for predictable high-speed flash synchronization to fill in or overpower bright ambient light. Under more ideal conditions, choose from one of 15 other lenses, from 28mm to 300mm APO, to use with the camera’s focal-plane shutter system. It comes with the 80mm ƒ/2.8 D Series lens. Estimated Street Price: $32,490. Contact: Mamiya, (914) 347-3300, www.mamiya.com.

Phase One 645DF With 1/1600 Flash Sync
Phase One’s new 645DF medium-format camera features a patent-pending flash sync technology that allows flash exposure at shutter speeds up to 1⁄1600 second. This complements the camera’s wide shutter-speed range of one hour to 1⁄4000second. The only 645 medium-format camera to support both focal-plane and leaf shutters, it also features quick autofocusing and capture responsiveness. It even incorporates custom shooting modes that automatically set the camera for subjects such as portraits, products and landscapes. The camera supports a wide range of popular digital backs as well as Mamiya lenses, including the newly announced 55mm, 80mm and 110mm ƒ/2.8 leaf-shutter optics. Estimated Street Price: $5,990. Contact: Phase One, (631) 547-8900, www.phaseone.com.

Micro Nikkor
Focusing as close as 0.9 feet, the Nikon AF-S DX Micro Nikkor 85mm ƒ/3.5G ED VR lens delivers 1:1 ratios for capturing the most subtle details when doing extreme close-up work. With Vibration Reduction II technology, you can shoot handheld at shutter speeds up to four stops slower than would otherwise be possible while reducing blur. Nikon’s lens-based VR also stabilizes the image in the camera’s viewfinder. The Silent Wave Motor delivers fast, quiet and precise autofocusing enhanced by Nikon’s Internal Focusing design, eliminating front-lens element rotation and changes in lens length during focusing. Estimated Street Price: $529. Contact: Nikon, (800) NIKON-UX, www.nikonusa.com.

Leica M9
Leica’s latest in its line of legendary rangefinder cameras is the M9, a digital model featuring a full-frame 18-megapixel CCD sensor that gives the digital photographer the same lens versatility that Leica 35mm rangefinder users have enjoyed for decades. The sensor doesn’t have a detail-blurring moiré filter like most D-SLR sensors. Leica counters any moiré patterns via digital signal-processing software. Special micro lenses at the sensor edges are laterally displaced toward the image center to precisely match the characteristics of Leica’s M lenses. Estimated Street Price: $6,995. Contact: Leica, (800) 222-0118, www.leica-camera.com.

Compact Zoom
Tamron’s latest offering is the SP AF17-50mm ƒ/2.8 XR VC Di II zoom for Nikon and Canon APS-C D-SLRs. Notable features include Tamron’s proprietary tri-axial Vibration Compensation system to minimize the effects of handheld camera shake, focusing down to 11.4 inches at all focal lengths and compact size for a zoom with a fast ƒ/2.8 aperture throughout its range. Optimized for the APS-C format, the lens features LD and aspherical elements, Tamron’s latest BBAR multilayer coatings, and has a zoom-lock mechanism that prevents the barrel from extending while being carried. Estimated Street Price: $649. Now with a $25 mail-in rebate through 12/31/09. Contact: Tamron USA, (631) 858-8400, www.tamron.com.

Plug-In Box Set
Plug-In Suite 5 from onOne Software contains six highly useful plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture that solve a number of common problems facing photographers. Genuine Fractals 6 Professional Edition allows you to res-up images to large sizes with excellent quality. PhotoTools 2.5 Professional Edition provides a host of photo effects. PhotoFrame 4.5 Professional Edition makes it easy to produce edge and framing effects. FocalPoint 2 gives you control over depth-of-field and selective-focus effects after capture. Mask Pro 4 makes it easy to change backgrounds, and PhotoTune 3 provides lots of color-correction andblack-and-white conversion flexibility. Estimated Street Price: $499. Contact: onOne Software, (888) 968-1468, www.onOnesoftware.com.


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