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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

December 2010

New Tools Of The Trade

This Article Features Photo Zoom

Arca-Swiss Camera
For shooters who want the image quality of a medium-format camera without sacrificing portability, the Arca-Swiss Rm2d is precise, light and easy to handle. The positioning and design of the handgrips allow for quick shifting from portrait to landscape format. Composing shots is easy with its zoom viewfinder system, which can be used at various focal lengths. Arca-Swiss R-mount lenses are available in 23-250mm focal lengths. Like all Arca-Swiss R cameras, the Rm2d has its own All In Plane (AIP) vertical shift in the focal plane so no mounts are necessary for stitching, as a manual vertical shift of ± 15mm allows for quick stitching. Estimated Street Price: TBA. Contact: Arca-Swiss, (773) 248-2513, www.precisioncameraworks.com.

On-The-Go Power
Keep your lights and computers going when you’re on location with the GOALØ Sherpa series of portable power sources. The Sherpa 120 is easy to carry in a backpack, and its lithium-ion phosphate battery provides an extended life of 2,000 to 3,000 cycles. For more power, you can stack up to three additional packs using a cord-chaining method. An LCD status monitor keeps track of power storage in 20% increments. An integrated charge controller protects the internal battery and connected devices from burnout and electrical spikes. Estimated Street Price: $399. Contact: GOALØ, (888) 794-6250, www.goal0.com.

Minimalist Waist Belt And Strap System
For those photo ops when you want to have a camera ready for use and out of the bag, but you don’t want it just swinging from a strap around your neck, Cotton Carrier has a solution. Available for pro-sized DSLRs with battery grips, the Cotton Carry-Lite uses a cotton waist-belt system with a shoulder strap to carry a camera at your side while keeping it readily accessible. The camera insert uses anodized aluminum and stainless steel for secure mounting of the camera, and optional Side Holsters are available for attaching an extra body. List Price: $119 (mid-sized DSLRs); $129 (pro-sized DSLRs). Contact: Cotton Carrier, (778) 340-1535, www.cottoncarrier.com.

Hard Case
Transport your equipment safely in the upgraded PCi case from Porter Case, which is known for its built-in CART (trolley) feature that carries up to 150 pounds of other baggage on top. The new cases have a TSA combination lock that allows you to lock and check the case. Key features include four-inch, ball-bearing wheels, a water/dust-resistant gasket, spring-loaded side and end carrying handles, a new extension handle lock for the CART position and tough polypropylene construction. It’s available in four carry-on sizes, with more than 20 interior configurations to accommodate your specific needs. Estimated Street Price: Starts at $136. Contact: Porter Case, (800) 356-8348, www.portercase.com.

Cleaning Kit
For spotless images, keep your DSLR’s image sensor free from dust with the LensPen SensorKlear Loupe Kit. The kit includes a loupe for detecting dust on the sensor surface and giving you a magnified view, the LensPen Hurricane Blower to remove dry dust and the SensorKlear II pen to remove sticky dust particles. Simply insert the angled tip of the pen through the access window on the side of the loupe to safely identify and remove dust. The loupe powers an internal light that evenly illuminates the entire sensor for removing debris more effectively. Estimated Street Price: $89. Contact: LensPen, (877) 608-0868, www.lenspen.com.

Photo Scanner
Convert slides, negatives and pictures to digital files quickly using the Flashpoint 3-in-1 Photo Scanner. Features include a built-in, 2.4-inch color LCD screen for viewing and editing images, and a memory card reader for SD cards. The 5-megapixel, standalone scanner is easy to use. You simply place your slides or negatives into the two trays and press a button, which scans the image instantly onto your memory card. Setup is minimal as the unit is designed for use immediately after plugging it into an AC outlet. Estimated Street Price: $139. Contact: Adorama, (800) 223-2500, www.adorama.com.


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