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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

December 2012

New Tools Of The Trade

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Steady Support
For assignments that have you shooting in tight spaces, the Redrock Micro ultraCage DSLR Event Rig is worthy of support consideration. More compact and less conspicuous than the large and bulky shoulder rigs commonly found in the motion-capture market, the ultraCage gives you the freedom to keep the camera mobile, but steady. Built for motion capture, it's also ideal for still shooters who can't use a monopod or tripod. While on assignment, you can stay nimble, and the cage design gives the rig a solid feel. The ultraCage lineup is modular so you can add elements like clamps, brackets and handles as you need them, and the rig can be reconfigured quickly. List Price: Starts at $1,175 (Event Rig for tall DSLRs starts at $779). Contact: Redrock Micro, (888) 214-3903, www.redrockmicro.com.

Glossy Paper
The Moab Lasal family of inkjet papers has a new member. Dual Semigloss 330 is the first dual-sided heavyweight (330gsm) paper in its class. Featuring the latest in coating technology, image quality is consistent and prints dry instantly. The coating allows you to handle prints immediately without fingerprints or scuffing, making the paper ideal for using in portfolios and limited-edition books. Moab offers several versions of its Lasal paper, including single-sided luster, gloss and matte, as well as the double-sided Photo Matte 235. It's compatible with pigment and dye inks, but pigment is recommended. It's available in 25-sheet packs of 8.5x11, 11x14, A3+ and A4 sizes. Estimated Street Price: $29 to $35. Contact: Moab, (800) 727-3716, www.moabpaper.com.

Fill Light
Most ideally used when shooting HD video with a DSLR, the Flashpoint 312 LED is a compact and affordable portable lighting solution that offers daylight and tungsten options for an equivalent output of a 100-watt bulb. The mini-ballhead mounts to the camera's hot-shoe, and twin LED displays of daylight and tungsten can be mixed together using two dials for matching ambient lighting conditions. A diffuser panel helps control shadows. Two AA batteries power the LED for about five hours. Estimated Street Price: $95. Contact: Flashpoint (Adorama), (800) 223-2500, www.adorama.com.


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