DPP Home Gear In Focus January-February 2008

Monday, January 7, 2008

January-February 2008

New Tools Of The Trade

atp promax flashMax Cards
Speed up shooting and file transfers with the ATP ProMax CompactFlash memory cards. Built to perform well with the latest-generation D-SLRs, the cards carry a 300x speed rating with transfer rates of up to 45 MBps. If you typically shoot in tough environments, the durable cards are water-resistant, dust- and shockproof, and able to withstand extreme temperatures. The cards come in capacities of 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB. List Price: TBA. Contact: ATP Electronics Inc., (408) 732-5000, www.atpinc.com.

batteries Ready-To-Go Power

Power your grips, flashes and other accessories with Maha PowerEx Imedion batteries. Unlike traditional NiMH batteries, they can be stored for an extended period of time without substantial power loss and they're immediately ready to use. Typical rechargeable batteries need to be charged periodically even when they're not used. So Maha developed advanced electrode materials that cut the rate of power loss during storage. Imedion batteries retain up to 8 percent of their charge after a year. Estimated Street Price: $14 (4-pack AA); $13 (4-pack AAA). Contact: Maha Energy Corp., (800) 376-9992, www.mahaenergy.com.

monostatFrame Support

The Monostat RS16K Monopod now comes in a carbon-fiber version. Monopods are often more portable than tripods, but still strong enough to support your camera on rough terrain. Like the rest of the Monostat RS lineup, the RS16K carbon model features a single-stem design that allows for fast setup and the unique Swivel Toe Stabilizer that helps you take steady shots, even at angles of up to 60 degrees. The sturdy frame weighs just over a pound and supports up to 33. Length ranges from 20.8 to 60.6 inches. Estimated Street Price: $280. Contact: Accurate Sales, Inc., (718) 302-7063, www.monostat.us.


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