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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

January/February 2012

New Tools Of The Trade

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Expanding the range of lenses available for its S-System, Leica unveils the Elmarit-S 30mm ƒ/2.8 ASPH lens. This brings the total number of lenses available for this system to five. The lens is equivalent to 24mm in 35mm format, has a diagonal angle of view of 84º and features an optical formula comprised of 13 elements in nine groups. The lens delivers high resolution and low distortion throughout its entire focusing range, as well as top-notch control of flare for producing high-contrast images even when shooting a backlit subject. The lens is fully sealed against dust and spray. Estimated Street Price: $7,495. Contact: Leica, (800) 222-0118, www.leica-camera.com.

Smooth Moves
When an assignment calls for shooting motion and stills, make sure you have a proper video head on hand for panning and tilting the camera more effectively. With the Manfrotto 502 professional video heads, you have full control over how smooth those movements are thanks to variable fluid mechanisms. The MVH502A has a 75mm ball base and the MVH502AH has a flat base with a 3⁄8-inch thread. Both use Manfrotto's bridge architecture and support up to 8.8 pounds counterbalance and 13.2 pounds total payload. The 8.8-pound maximum counterbalance system provides you with more support for better control no matter how the camera's weight is distributed. Estimated Street Price: $225 (MVH502A); $200 (MVH502AH). Contact: Manfrotto, (201) 818-9500, www.manfrotto.us.

Carbon Support
The Sachtler Telescopic TT 75/2 CF is a lightweight, two-stage carbon-fiber tripod designed for HD-capable DSLRs. Height ranges from 10.6 to 67.3 inches, and it weighs just 5.1 pounds, helpful if your work has you on the move most of the time. Load capacity is 44 pounds. The tripod features a 75mm bowl and three-section, single carbon-fiber tubes. It's easy to set up, and the varying leg angles can be quickly deployed and adjusted. The TT 75/2 CF comes with Sachtler's distinctive red footpads with retractable spikes. The tripod is available in a system with the Sachtler FSB 4, Cine DSLR, FSB 6 or FSB 8 fluid head. Estimated Street Price: $1,224 (with FSB 4 fluid head). Contact: Sachtler, (845) 268-0100, www.sachtler.us

ND Filters
Neutral-density filters are must-haves when you want to slow down the shutter speed and create motion blurs with water and other subjects. The Hoya PRO1 Digital ND32 and ND64 are dark neutral-density filters that reduce the amount of light entering the lens in the equivalent of five and six stops, respectively. This translates to possible shutter speeds of approximately 1⁄2 second (ND32) and one second (ND64) or more in daylight when shooting at ƒ/22. With the filters, you also can use wider apertures for creating shallow depth-of-field effects. Estimated Street Price: TBA. Contact: Hoya (THK Photo), (800) 421-1141, www.thkphoto.com.

Safe Case
Ensure that your DSLR system is well protected en route to an assignment with the Pelican 1200 case. With tough exteriors, the cases can handle repeated drops, blows and soakings while protecting sensitive equipment. Key features include an automatic pressure-equalization valve, a watertight O-ring seal and stainless-steel hardware. Lightweight, portable and durable, the interior and lid are lined with foam, providing extra protection to your equipment. The interior measures 9.25x7.12x4.12 inches. Estimated Street Price: $64. Contact: Pelican, (800) 473-5422, www.pelican.com.

Heavy-Duty Heads
Whether you shoot with a DSLR, a medium- or large-format camera, or a video camera, the Induro BHL Ballhead series has your support needs covered. There are three models. The smallest is the BHL1, which weighs 0.9 pounds while supporting 44 pounds, and the largest is the BHL3, which weighs 1.5 pounds and supports 88 pounds. In the middle is the BHL2, weighing 1.1 pounds and supporting 66 pounds. Features include oversized head lock knobs for a solid grip and smooth camera positioning, an independent panning action lock and an Arca-Swiss-style quick-release system with double safety lock. They also include a built-in bubble level for accurate camera alignment. Estimated Street Price: $192 to $311. Contact: Induro, (914) 347-3300, www.indurogear.com.


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