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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

March/April 2011

New Tools Of The Trade

This Article Features Photo Zoom

Large-Format Optics
The Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 32mm ƒ/4 is designed for cameras with sensors of up to 36x56mm and 40x54mm, as well as larger stitch formats of up to 49x71mm. With a 40x54mm sensor, the lens has a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 20.6mm (16.5mm when used for stitching to a format of 49x71mm). For shift-and-tilt movements, its large back focal length of 22.3mm leaves free space between the rear mount and the sensor, without touching the sensor or the rear standard. The lens has a resolution of 80 lp/mm and image circle diameters of 90mm. Estimated Street Price: $6,999. Contact: HP Marketing Corp., (800) 735-4373, www.hpmarketingcorp.com.

Solid Backup Shooter
Adding the Nikon D7000 to your camera bag gives you a highly capable backup DSLR or a dedicated camera for shooting video. This is an enthusiast camera, but pros will find it useful because of its many high-end features. The D7000 shoots 1080p HD video with full-time autofocus during capture. The body is constructed of an all-metal chassis with magnesium-alloy covers, and it’s sealed against dust and moisture. With a 16.2-megapixel CMOS sensor coupled with an EXPEED 2 image processor, Nikon raises its analog-to-digital conversion to 14-bit processing for images with improved dynamic range. Estimated Street Price: $1,199. Contact: Nikon, (800) NIKON-US, www.nikonusa.com.

Sharpening Tool
PhotoKit SHARPENER 2.0 is a Photoshop Automate plug-in based on three sets of sharpening effects that are designed to work together. You start with Capture Sharpening for improving image details as you begin to process. Creative Sharpening addresses specific problem areas, and Output Sharpening optimizes the image for each output. New features include a dialog window with a preview button that shows you the selected sharpening effect. Effects with multiple layers and layer groups can be reduced to a single layer to keep file size down. All effects are nondestructive layer-based edits. Estimated Street Price: $99. Contact: PixelGenius, www.pixelgenius.com.

Video Pods
When an assignment calls for using an HD video DSLR, make sure you’re using the right kind of support. The DAIWA DST-43 tripod has a fluid pan head with a 60mm ball mount and supports up to 8.8 pounds. The DAIWA DST-73 also has a fluid pan head, but with a 75mm ball mount and support for up to 15 pounds. Both heads are all-metal, with one pan handle as well as handle mounts on both sides. The camera is easily mounted or dismounted with the long-side quick-release plate. The DST-43 has a maximum height of 59.4 inches and weighs seven pounds; the DST-73 has a maximum height of 62.4 inches and weighs about 10 pounds. Estimated Street Price: $349 (DST-43); $599 (DST-73). Contact: DAIWA (THK Photo), (800) 421-1141, www.thkphoto.com.

Light Up
The compact, portable Litos lamp from Broncolor was developed to match the Senso power pack. Features include an interchangeable pan/tilt head for one-hand operation and an integrated umbrella holder. The cooling fan switches on when the temperature of the pack reaches its threshold level. A quick-release button allows for fast reflector changes and 360º rotation, and the protecting glass can be replaced quickly with an umbrella or a standard reflector to fit the shoot. The bayonet mount is compatible with other Broncolor lamps, making accessible a range of lamps, light shapers and accessories. Estimated Street Price: $1,039. Contact: Broncolor, www.broncolor.com.

For those assignments that require a minimal amount of equipment, the Tamrac Evolution Messenger 2 is a slim-profile camera bag that holds a DSLR with lens attached, one or two additional lenses (including some 70-200mm ƒ/2.8 models) and a flash. You can convert it into a briefcase for additional use simply by removing the foam-padded compartment. It’s easy to slip it back in for switching back to a camera bag. The laptop compartment holds an iPad, most 10-inch netbooks or 11.6-inch laptops. Estimated Street Price: $119. Contact: Tamrac, (800) 662-0717, www.tamrac.com.


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