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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

May/June 2014

New Tools Of The Trade

Sometimes one image just doesn't tell the entire story, but six separate posts feels like you're spamming your friends. The free Momentage app conquers this conundrum by approaching posts as an opportunity to tell a full story through multiple photos, video and SoundImages. Each post, called a Moment, gives you the option of posting up to 15 photos, two videos at up to 20 seconds, and a SoundImages with sound over the photo at up to 30 seconds. You can edit within the app, choosing the order to best tell your story, then share with the Momentage community, as well as your other social-media networks. Contact: Momentage, www.momentage.com

Set up your apps to work for you with the free If This Then That (IFTTT) app, which lets you create Recipes based from the title phrase, connecting your apps together for automatic actions. Eighty-four apps, each defined as a Channel, are currently set up with IFTTT. To design a Recipe, simply sub in your desired Channel for "this" and "that." For instance, "If I Instagram a photo, THEN save it to my Dropbox" or "If I post to Vimeo, THEN post to my Tumblr." Channels include everything from social media and news sources to cloud drives and calendars, providing management for photos and general business. Contact: IFTTT, ifttt.com.

For photographers who have a fondness for typography, Over is an app that makes it easy to overlay a variety of graphic fonts to your images. Particularly useful for branding, how-tos or contests on your blog or social-media posts, text can be sized, aligned and creatively positioned to best complement your image. List Price: $1.99. Contact: Over LLC, www.madewithover.com.


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