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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

November 2008

New Tools Of The Trade

This Article Features Photo Zoom

in focusBig Memory
With 32 GB of capacity, the latest Kingston Elite Pro SDHC memory card allows you to take high-resolution stills and video without worrying that the card will fill up too soon. The large capacity and fast transfer rate are particularly useful for shooting high-definition video. A built-in, write-protect switch prevents accidental data loss. The Elite lineup also includes cards with capacities of 4, 8 and 16 GB. Estimated Street Price: $308. Contact: Kingston, (877) KINGSTON, www.kingston.com.

in focusComputer Safe
Lock up your computer in the Pelican 1510 Laptop Overnight Case. Especially useful if you travel frequently, the tough, watertight case fits notebooks up to 15.4 inches in size and has a separate detachable pouch that can double as a cord holder or toiletry bag. The main compartment has a cloth-lined garment storage unit that holds up to two days of clothing. Stainless-steel, reinforced padlock protectors defend against cutting and theft. Estimated Street Price: $361. Contact: Pelican, (800) 473-5422, www.pelican.com.

in focusFile-Protecting
Safely send your images using SecureZIP, a full-scale ZIP application that uses high-end public key cryptography and encryption to protect and digitally sign your files and e-mail messages. When you install the program, it offers to get a free digital certificate that becomes your default certificate for ZIP file encryption. The Windows-only program integrates with Microsoft Outlook, automatically zipping e-mail attachments and messages. You also can save files directly from Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Just select “Save as SecureZIP File,” and files are automatically compressed and encrypted. Estimated Street Price: $39. Contact: PKWARE, (888) 475-9273, www.pkware.com.

in focusCompact Gel Holder
Add some color to your lighting setup with the LumiQuest FXtra, which provides a quick way of installing and removing colored gels. A starter set of the most popular Rosco gels is included with CTO, 1⁄2 CTO, 1⁄4 CTO, Plus Green, 1⁄2 Plus Green, Sky Blue, Canary Yellow and Fire Red. The FXtra is sized to fit most popular flashes, and the gel pocket also accommodates Lee gel samples. Estimated Street Price: $20. Contact: LumiQuest, (830) 438-4646, www.lumiquest.com.

in focusGreen Paper
Make eco-friendly prints using Hahnemühle’s Bamboo 290, the first inkjet fine-art paper to make use of bamboo fibers. Bamboo has surfaced as a sustainable, green resource suitable for a number of purposes, including photo paper. The natural white paper has a warm tone and a smooth, slightly textured surface. It’s 90 percent bamboo, 10 percent cotton, and contains no optical brightening agents, giving it more of a cream-colored look than white. The paper comes in sheets from 8½x11 to 17x22 inches, and in 39-foot rolls that are 17, 24, 36 or 44 inches wide. Estimated Street Price: $25 (20 sheets of 8½x11). Contact: Hahnemühle, (815) 502-5880, www.hahnemuhle.com.


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