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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

September/October 2012

New Tools Of The Trade

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Natural Workflow
With multitouch interaction and gesture support, the latest Cintiq pen tablets from Wacom are designed to make you feel like you're working in a more traditional way. By combining the precision of the pen with multitouch technology, you can pan, zoom or rotate images with one hand while using the other to sketch or paint. The Cintiq 24HD touch displays more than one billion colors and covers 97% of the Adobe color gamut. You can adjust the counterweighted stand to a position that you're comfortable working in, with the display capable of reaching over the edge of the desk so that it rests in your lap, if desired. If you prefer just the pen and no touch-screen functionality, the Cintiq 22HD is a solid option, with eight ExpressKeys located on either side of the display. Estimated Street Price: $3,699 (24HD touch); $1,999 (22HD). Contact: Wacom, www.wacom.com.

Aria Style
Made from a rich, smooth fabric that feels like silk but is durable, the Tamrac Aria camera bag has a messenger-style look that helps you avoid calling unwanted attention to yourself. The bag is a good option for taking on assignments that don't require a lot of gear. It holds a DSLR with a lens attached, a second lens and a third lens or flash. There's a foam-padded compartment for holding an iPad, as well as a zippered, pleated front pocket for accessories and other items. Two slim side pockets hold a phone or an iPod, and the silver interior lining makes it easy to find items. Available in three colors. List Price: $99. Contact: Tamrac, (800) 662-0717, www.tamrac.com.

A sturdy support system is crucial whether you're shooting stills or video. For motion capture, Redrock Micro has developed the ultraCage DSLR to help prevent shaky footage. Securing the camera body at three points, the handheld rig screws into the camera base, fastens to the top hot-shoe and locks the camera in place with an anti-rotation pin. Several Canon and Nikon bodies, including the Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Nikon D800/D800E, have been tested with the support system, which includes industry-standard 15mm bottom rails for accessories such as a mattebox, follow focus or lens support. The built-in 15mm top rail lets you keep a camera-top monitor or remote focus motor on your camera at all times, and there are 22 mounting points (standard 1⁄4 and 3⁄8 inches) for other accessories. Estimated Street Price: Starts at $595. Contact: Redrock Micro, (888) 214-3903, www.redrockmicro.com.

Hybrid Drive
The Seagate Momentus XT blends the speed of a solid-state drive with the capacity of a hard drive. It responds like a solid-state drive by using the included flash memory to cache data that you frequently use and is time-consuming to access. Built around "adaptive memory" algorithms, the Momentus XT learns what you do and what programs and files you access the most so it knows what should be cached in the flash memory. This speeds up the drive's response times. FAST Factor Boot technology caches data exclusively for use during the boot process. The Momentus XT's capacity has been increased to 750 GB, and it works with any operating system. Estimated Street Price: $155. Contact: Seagate Technology, (800) 732-4283, www.seagate.com.

DSLR Slider
The Varavon Slidecam gives you more control when using your DSLR to shoot video. The lightweight slider is made from an aluminum alloy and steel, and the roller bearing is manufactured out of steel, as opposed to the polymer plastic that other models use, so it's strong enough to support heavier camera and lens setups. The Lite 600 is 24 inches long and weighs 2.7 pounds while the Lite 800 is 32 inches long and weighs 3.3 pounds. Both are 1.2 inches wide and can support up to 19.8 pounds. A brake/stop bar prevents the dolly sled from moving during transport. Estimated Street Price: Starts at $329. Contact: Varavon (International Supplies), (800) 999-1984, www.varavonusa.com.

First-Rate Paper
Known for its innovative approach to developing inkjet media for making prints in the digital age, Ilford has long offered high-quality photographic papers. Ilford GALERIE Prestige Smooth Gloss 310 gsm and Smooth Pearl 310 gsm are no exception. Clear nanoporous coating, as well as other technological advancements, make these papers a solid option for producing prints with top-notch clarity, sharpness and color. With a high-density heavyweight base and smooth finish, the papers are designed to deliver the true look and feel of a classic photograph. Smooth Pearl eliminates glare and fingerprints, and both types are compatible with pigment- and dye-based inkjet printers. Estimated Street Price: TBA. Contact: Ilford, www.ilford.com.


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