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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

September/October 2012

New Tools Of The Trade

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Lighting Kits
If you're looking to revamp some of your lighting tools or maybe freshen up the look of your portraiture or event photography, ExpoImaging has added to its versatile Rogue lineup with some helpful kits. The Portrait Lighting Kit delivers a variety of modifiers for photographers working with multiple speedlights. The Rogue Large FlashBender Reflector, Large Diffusion Panel, Bounce Card/Flag, Universal Flash Gel Kit and 3-in-1 Honeycomb Grid are all included. If you work with multiple setups using combinations of the kit's softbox, bounce flash reflectors, flags, honeycomb grids and colored gel kits, the Master Lighting Kit is worth considering. It features the tools mentioned above, plus the Small FlashBender Reflector and Grid Gel Kit. Estimated Street Price: $149 (Portrait); $199 (Master). Contact: ExpoImaging, www.expoimaging.com.

Remote Control
Free yourself up on a shoot by controlling your camera with the DSLR Camera Remote app from onOne Software. The latest version allows Nikon D800/D800E and D4 DSLR shooters to fire remotely from their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. A total of 29 Nikon and Canon DSLRs are now compatible with the app, which allows you to adjust camera settings, fire the shutter, review images, preview through the viewfinder in real time and record video using your iOS device's screen. You even can zoom in to check focus and other important details. When you're recording video, using the app basically turns your iPhone or iPad into a second monitor. There's also an advanced intervalometer, or timer. It can be used as a custom self-timer or can take a series of images at a given time interval. Estimated Street Price: $9 (iPhone and iPod touch); $24 (iPad). Contact: onOne Software, (888) 968-1468, www.ononesoftware.com.

Portfollio Prints
Fans of Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 have a new photo size to choose from now. The popular paper is available in 11x14-inch sheets, a standard-size format for portfolio printing. With a metallic, pearl-like coating, Slickrock Metallic Pearl adds shimmer to your black-and-whites. Images appear more lifelike with an almost three-dimensional look to them. Highlights are bright while blacks are deep and dark. The microporous glossy surface dries instantly, and the paper is designed for printing with Photo Black inks. This size comes in 25-sheet boxes. Also available are 50-sheet boxes of 5x7-, 81⁄2x11- and 13x19-inch sizes, as well as 17-, 24- and 44-inch rolls. Estimated Street Price: Varies by size. Contact: Moab, (800) 727-3716, moabpaper.com.

Simple Rig
The Manfrotto SYMPLA rigging system makes it easy for you to make adjustments when you're in the middle of a shoot. It can be configured in seconds, without tools, and accommodates a wide range of DSLRs, camcorders and lenses. Flexibility and speed influenced how each of the components was developed, from self-supporting clamps that stay in place even before they're locked to easy-locking ball-joint handgrips, which were inspired by Manfrotto's ballheads for still cameras. The steel-and-aluminum rig can be mounted on a tripod, supported on the shoulder or held like a "steering wheel" using the optional Fig Rig attachment for shooting from more creative angles. Camera remotes, which fit the rig handgrips, allow you precise fingertip control for framing and accessing camera functions without losing your grip position. Estimated Street Price: Varies. Contact: Manfrotto, (201) 818-9500, www.manfrotto.us.

Travel Case
No matter how extreme the environment of your next assignment, keep your equipment safe using the Pelican 1510SC or 1560SC Studio Cases. Open cell-core construction delivers top-notch protection, and the lid has a polymer O-ring that seals out dust and water. An automatic pressure-equalization valve stops moisture from entering the case, but makes opening it easy at any altitude. For air travel, both cases have been sized to fit in most overhead bins. With stainless-steel ball bearings, polyurethane wheels and an extension handle, rolling through the airport should be quick and easy. You can customize how the dividers in the main compartment are arranged, and there's an option to add foam for a more snug fit. Estimated Street Price: $379 (1510SC); $485 (1560SC). Contact: Pelican, (800) 473-5422, www.pelican.com.


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