DPP Home Gear In Focus September/October 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

September/October 2009

New Tools Of The Trade

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MonostatUnique Monopod
The Monostat RS16SK ART Monopod is sturdy, lightweight and easy to transport. ART stands for Anti-Rotation Tubing, which allows you to open and close the monopod in any position without turning the tubes. Like the rest of the Monostat RS lineup, this model has a single-stem design for quick setup, and the Swivel Toe Stabilizer provides steady shots at angles up to 60 degrees. The frame weighs 1.4 pounds and supports 30 pounds. Height ranges from 16.9 to 56.3 inches. Estimated Street Price: $184. Contact: Monostat of Switzerland (Accurate Sales, Inc.), (718) 302-7063, www.monostat.us.

CineStrong Support
The Sachtler Cine 7+7 HD Fluid Head System weighs just 7.3 pounds, yet can support a load capacity ranging from HD video D-SLRs to HDV camcorders to full-sized professional cameras loaded with accessories. The head is equipped with a convenient side-load clamp for the camera plate. The plate’s six-inch-wide displacement area delivers easy, lateral loading of the head via the premounted camera setup. Seven horizontal and seven vertical adjustable levels of drag ensure smooth pans and tilts. The 100mm system can support 4.4 to 48.5 pounds. Estimated Street Price: $6,100 (head only). Contact: Sachtler, (845) 268-0100, www.sachtler.us.

Pro Grip
Improve stability when shooting handheld with the Flashpoint Professional Battery Grip. The version for the Nikon D300 and D700 holds up to two lithium battery packs or AA batteries, doubling the camera’s shooting time. The vertical shutter release makes shooting vertically just as simple as shooting horizontally. There’s also a version available for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. List Price: $79 (Nikon); $89 (Canon). Contact: Adorama, (800) 223-2500, www.adorama.com.

viewbookOnline Portfolio
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 users can export images directly to Viewbook.com and create professional online presentations instantly from the Lightroom library. Viewbook is a sophisticated online portfolio service that helps photographers deliver their work simply and stylishly. Once images are exported to a new or existing album, Viewbook automatically creates two sizes for the web and converts the images to sRGB for the best possible display in browsers. The originals are stored untouched and can be used for high-resolution client delivery. Photos can be added simply to portfolios, project sites or promotional widgets in a few easy clicks. Estimated Street Price: $9/month (Standard); $19/month (Pro). Contact: Viewbook, www.viewbook.com.

ExposureE-Commerce Tools
Bolster your sales efforts using ExposureManager’s Premium Subscription service, which now features ­­e-mail marketing tools designed to help you quickly reach customers and increase sales. Some of the new features include viewing saved favorites and “cart” images of customers and visitors, e-mail blasts that can be sent out to all or some of the e-mail addresses collected from your site, e-mail reminders to potential customers who have “favorites” or cart images saved that haven’t been purchased yet and more. Also new is a Two-Image Group Package template designed for event photographers to offer a range of package options when selling both group shots and individual portraits. Estimated Street Price: $249/year. Contact: ExposureManager, www.exposuremanager.com.


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