Hi-TechStudio: The Mid-Range Zoom

With reduced distortion, sharpness across the field of view and a generally comfortable working distance, the mid-range zooms are a preferred tool for fashion and beauty
By The Editors
Mid-range zoom lenses—those that go from moderate wide-angle to portrait telephoto—are versatile tools that can cover a wide range of subject matter. But they're especially well suited to fashion/beauty/portraiture work, letting you frame from full body to tight headshot from distances that provide pleasing perspective. Note that with an APS-C…

Superfast Glass

The pros and cons of using lenses with maximum apertures greater than ƒ/1.4
By The Editors
Fast lenses let you shoot in dimmer light and can really limit depth of field for selective-focus shots. Superfast lenses are even better, right? We'll go into that in a moment, but first, what is a fast lens? Fast refers to the size of the lens' maximum aperture, and it's…

Lenses Deconstructed

We demystify the key specifications and how each one plays its role in making the perfect image
By The Editors
Everyone does it, even if they don't admit it. From global photojournalists to the image makers cruising around Fashion Week to fine artists working in their hip lofts, everyone pores over spec charts about their photo gear. Another thing most photographers have in common is that they have only a…

Hi-Tech Studio: Lens Adapters

Create a completely custom body and lens outfit with an adapter
By The Editors
These two Novoflex adapters demonstrate how flange-back distance is a factor when adapting disparate mounts to one another. The very narrow adapter is for connecting a Nikon lens to a Canon EOS body. The thicker adapter is for attaching a Nikon lens to a Micro Four Thirds body. Novoflex has…

Hi-Tech Studio: Key Primes For Pros

For speed and sharpness, add a set of single-focal-length lenses to your lens collection
By Staff
As good as zoom lenses are, it's tough to beat a prime lens for its combination of speed, sharpness and overall optical excellence. With their inherent sharpness, many prime lenses are able to perform up to the level of the latest image sensors. And, of course, the explosion of DSLR…

Lenses For Still + Motion

Putting together the best optics for versatility and practicality
By David Willis
While both photography and videography are visual mediums, video and filmmaking add an extra level of complexity. Essentially, you're creating a motion picture from many sequences of still images, and while many of the same rules apply when it comes to composition, exposure and aesthetics, motion adds several other challenges…
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