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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Continuous Lights For Still & Video

As you explore the possibilities of shooting video with DSLRs to augment your still work, a different kind of lighting solution might be in order

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SpectraWow MKII
Broncolor HMI 575
Known primarily for its high-end strobes and modifiers, Broncolor also offers an HMI lighting solution. The physical design of the HMI 575 makes it compatible with plenty of Broncolor modifiers. The lamp head is small in size, but gives the equivalent of 3,000 watts, and a built-in meter informs you when it’s time to change bulbs. If you’re already a Broncolor user, the HMI 575 is the ideal continuous-light solution because you can use your existing accessories and you’ll be able to easily mix strobe and continuous light on a set if the situation calls for it. The HMI 575 is available with a hot-restrikable bulb, meaning that you don’t need to wait for the system to cool after shutting it down. It measures 10.9x4.7x7.8 inches and weighs 5.75 pounds. Contact: Broncolor, www.bronimaging.com.

Nila NH
The Nila NH LED features single-color, high-brightness LEDs with color temperatures of 5800K daylight or 3200K tungsten. Ultralow power consumption, LED life of 20,000 hours and very low heat are among its assets. It features an on-board power supply with a DMX-compatible 0-100% dimmer and a throw distance beyond 100 feet. Drawing only 65W of power, it’s a good replacement for a 200-watt daylight HMI light or a 350-watt tungsten light. Quick-change lenses of 10°, 25°, 45°, 45x10°, 10x45° and a 90° reflector are provided. The Nila head measures 3.93x5.30x6.10 inches. Contact: Nila Inc., (818) 392-8370, www.nila.tv.

LDDE SpectraWow MKII
This Austrian RGB LED light provides 18 latest-generation RGB(AW*) high-power LEDs, yet is very compact (5.1x3.8 inches, 2.86 pounds). The unit features a 60,000-hour lifetime, control from 0-100%, absolutely silent operation (no fan, convective cooled), very low power consumption and insensitivity to vibrations. A separate power supply PSU/MKII-6 provides an intensity/master channel, three RGB channels and a stroboscopic-effect channel. Contact: LDDE, www.ldde.com.

Dedolight DLH400D
The Dedolight DLH400D is a 400W daylight metal halide (HMI) light that can focus from spot to flood via a patented dual-lens optical system. It can be operated at 575W with the same lamp using the separate DEB400D Flicker Free Ballast. The DLH400D Daylight Light Head measures 16.1x8.8x9.7 inches and weighs 9.7 pounds; the DEB400D Flicker Free Ballast measures 9.3x5x5 inches and weighs 7.5 pounds. Contact: Dedolight, (413) 229-2550, www.dedolight.com.

Kino Flo Foto-Flo 400
K5600 Joker-Bug 400
Comparable to a 1,500/2,000-watt quartz fixture, yet drawing only 5.5 amps, the Joker-Bug 400 combines characteristics of K5600’s Bug-Lite 400 HMI and Joker 400 PAR. It can be used in Bug-Lite mode with no optics as a traditional lightbank or with the optional Beamer optical accessory to produce various beam patterns through quick lens changes: spot-to-flood ratios of 80:1 with beam angles of 5º-55°. The unit comes with a clear glass beaker for maximum intensity and a frosted glass beaker for use when light quality is the main concern. The 400W MSR lamp provides the optimal combination of output and compact size. Dimensions (with Beamer) are 10.5x7.75 inches; the light itself is 3.125 inches in diameter. Weight is 4.5 pounds. Contact: K5600 Lighting, (818) 762-5756, www.k5600.com.

Kino Flo Foto-Flo 400
The Foto-Flo 400 is a four-foot device employing four Kino Flo True Match fluorescent tubes (KF55 for daylight, KF32 or KF29 for tungsten balance) that output soft, nearly shadowless light with even dropoff and minimal heat—and using only one-tenth the power of tungsten lights with the same output. The silent, flicker-free, instant-on Foto-Flo ballast is compact and can mount directly on the light fixture, or up to 75 feet away via three 25-foot extension cables. Barn doors are built-in; reflectors and louvers are removable. Light can be controlled with plastic louvers, Flozier (diffuser), and BatWing Louvers. Contact: Kino Flo, (818) 767-6528, www.kinoflo.com.


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