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Hi-Tech Studio: An Option For Continuous Lighting

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Hi-Tech Studio: An Option For Continuous Lighting
The ARRI 300-Watt Tungsten Fresnel is 3.15 inches in diameter and provides light beam angles of 53° in the wide position and 14° in the spot position at 30 feet. The 650-Watt Tungsten Fresnel is 4.41 inches in diameter and provides light beam angles of 52° in the wide position and 12° in the spot position at 30 feet.

Recently, ARRI added to their tungsten kits by making hybrid kits that include both tungsten lights and accessories and also LED lights and accessories. LED systems, which have been increasingly popular in motion-picture studio environments, have evolved into the field. Made into panels with an array of individual LEDs, the lights are much cooler than tungsten, and the panels have an inherent softness to them because of the physical size of the light source. (Pinpoint light sources are very harsh while softboxes make a softer light because they spread out the light source over a large area.) LEDs also consume much less power, which can be particularly important when you’re not shooting in the field.

As we go to press on this issue, the Hybrid kits are still being finalized, but the advance word is that there will be four kits. They will include either one or two ARRI LoCaster LED panels and either one or two 150W Fresnels, as well as accessories like barndoors, scrims, clamps and stands. One of the kits also will include the 300W Fresnel light for those who want more lighting options.

The LoCaster LED panels are ideal for location work because they’re quite lightweight. Each panel weighs about two pounds. The panels have an onboard controller to adjust the color temperature of the output. There are six color temperature settings and continuous dimming control. Color temperature and dimming remain constant and stable once set.

As full details on these new ARRI Hybrid kitsabecome available, we’ll be filling you in. Look for more information in the March/April issue of Digital Photo Pro. Contact: ARRI,

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