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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mobile Lighting Solutions

Build the location lighting setup that suits your style

This Article Features Photo Zoom

Battery-Driven Power Packs: The Good And The Bad
Note: Features listed may not apply to all battery-driven power-pack systems.
• One mobile pack can drive up to two flash heads
• More compact heads, which are easier to carry, position and maneuver
• Often more powerful and more energy-efficient than a monolight, with enough juice to drive modeling lights for short periods
• Easy to see at ground level
• Centralized power control in power pack applicable to all connected heads
• Some battery-operated power-pack kits may be easier to tote than a comparable monolight kit
• Power distribution may be limited, hence restricting what you can do (check the limits of symmetric/asymmetric distribution)
• Flash durations may not be optimized to your needs
Primary Use:
• Lifestyle & portraiture
• Fashion
• Dance/performers/action (short flash durations may be required)
• Architectural photography

The Advanced Location-Lighting Kit
While geared primarily toward portraiture and fashion, this kit should easily handle diverse needs. You can do quite a lot with just one head, depending on how it’s employed, and it’s much easier to carry; but add a hair light or backlight if you can manage two lights. Or go the distance with a third head. If your lighting exceeds these needs, then you may do better with an AC system and find the necessary means to power the lights.

• Option 1: battery-driven power-pack system, including 1 power pack, with 1 or 2 heads
• Option 2: monolight system (1 or 2 heads) + battery packs (as needed)
• Option 3: pure sine wave inverter + any AC power pack or monolight system
• Chargers & cables for above (spare batteries, if applicable)
• Light stands (as needed)
• Spare flash tubes & modeling lights (as applicable)
• Standard or umbrella reflectors (as needed)
• A variety of umbrellas
• Medium softbox
• Barn door set
• Radio remote system (infrared, if you need to economize)
• Collapsible reflectors (variety set)
• Gaffer’s tape (you never know when you’ll need it)
• Sturdy wheeled/roller case
• Electrical cords (just in case, and possibly heavy-duty extension cords)
• Color-calibration target: for example, X-Rite ColorChecker Passport (www.xrite.com), Datacolor SpyderCube (www.datacolor.com) or PhotoVision Digital Calibration Target (www.photovisionvideo.com)


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